OS on a Floppy

MenuetOS is a nifty little Operating System that runs on a floppy disk. Written entirely in x86 Assembly language, it supports a GUI and even comes with a web and MP3 server!

The list of features includes:

  • pre-emptive multitasking, multithreading, ring-3 protection
  • graphical UI with 16 M colours up to 1280×1024
  • faster programming language than in Win, Linux, ..
  • ide: editor/compiler for assembly kernel and applications
  • kernel and application sources included (GPL)
  • TCP/IP stack with PPP & Ethernet drivers
  • http/mp3/email servers, 3D maze
  • free-form, skinnable application windows
  • hard real-time data fetch
  • fits in a single floppy !

There are many small little apps that you can also download to make this OS a little more fun!

10 thoughts on “OS on a Floppy

  1. I have found that using the “rawwrite” program to write the os to a floppy did not work! It got to 26% and stopped. I got some error and it never finished. If it worked It would have been great!

  2. well use rawwrite

    then go to porperties of floppy drive
    then run check for errors
    after then
    the floppy will run OS

    i tried it

  3. When I try to boot the MenuetOS
    it allways writes to the screen
    “Long mode unaviable” and the boot
    process stops.Whats the problem?

  4. Long mode unavailable error shows when you boot the 64bit version of menuetOS on a PC with a 32bit processor. Simply download the latest 32bit version and write the image to floppy disk or cd as described above. 32bit version is not as up to date as the 64bit one but it works and is free.

  5. i have extract and copy the iso to floppy,but is not enaugh space,maybe it couses by the formated floppy in windows…

    so any formated software that smaller than windows have?

  6. I have Intel CPU 1.20 GHz ,1 GB RAM and AMI BIOS.I tried to boot MenuetOS32 but after loading from floppy the system “freezes down”.

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