One Year at DreamHost for $5/mo

WOW – Dreamhost has a special promotion so signup now and recieve a $60 discount off your first year of hosting.  There’s a lot to like about Dreamhost but I can report after using them for over two years to host Digital Media Minute and other sites that I own, that the customer service and the CPanel backend makes it very easy for even for  newbies to get started blogging or building a website. The Dreamhost basic plan includes:

  • 1 FREE TLD domain registration
  • 3 full domains
  • 15 subdomains
  • 2400 MB Disk
  • 120 GB Transfer
  • 600 Mailboxes
  • 75 Shell/FTP Users

The thing that attracted me to Dreamhost is that they allow you to install Ruby on Rails which is an area of web development that I am eager to begin.

3 thoughts on “One Year at DreamHost for $5/mo

  1. Thanks Jim!

    How’d you find this deal anyway? Good one man. I was needing some hosting since Kenny died anyway.


  2. I’ve been happy with Dreamhost the past few months. They certainly give you a lot for not a lot of money. However, their support is not fantastic. Fine for general questions where you can wait a day or so to hear, but even emergencies can take an hour or two to be answered. That can feel like days when a site is completely down or email is not working.

    By the way, if you’re going to blog about the “777” deal, don’t bother using your referral link unless you want it just for reference. DH won’t give you the cash or credit for folks who sign up this way. :-)

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