Check Your App Permissions Easily

Check App PermissionsAs time goes on you’re aware that you’ve given permission to various apps to access information tied to online accounts you have with services such as Twitter, Facebook, Google, Yahoo, Dropbox, Linked In, Instagram and Flickr, and possibly others. If you’re like me you can name only a few applications for which you have registered using these accounts. Wouldn’t be nice to have a handle on exactly what companies have access to your information; an easy way to determine if you’d like to continue to allow them access to it?

Well now you have one. gives you a simple way to check the entire list of apps for which you have previously agreed to allow to access your information, simply by clicking on an icon on their homepage. From there you login to the service in question and you are immediately presented with a list of your settings within Twitter, for example, to all the apps that have access to your account.

Naturally you could check every single one of these services  manually and you’d be presented with the same information, but this is a huge time saver if you are interested in deleting permissions for a few apps that you never use. Out of 10 apps to which I’d given permission using Twitter, I only use three, and couldn’t even remember registering for most of the others! There is even an recipe already set up for you to get monthly reminders so you can run these checks periodically. (Don’t even get me started on the brilliant concept behind Bertrand Russell is rolling in his grave, if you know what I mean….)