Adsense Click Pepper

by Tom Mullaly on September 30, 2005

My latest “spare-time” project has been creating an Adsense Click Pepper for Shaun Inman’s excellent Mint web stats package. A pepper is a plugin that can be used to extend the features of the base Mint project.

The pepper I have created will track hits on your Google Adsense ads from Internet Explorer and Firefox. The pepper will track the page that the click occured on, the ad unit number (if you have more than one ad unit on the page) and the size of the ad unit.

Download Adsense Click Pepper now!


The clicks should be very accurate on IE as IE supports tracking of the focus event on iframe elements. Firefox is a different story as for Cross Site Scripting security reasons, FF does not allow events to be attached to iframes that have an off-domain source. For that reason, I am tracking clicks on the Adsense iframe by determining if the cursor location is over the iframe just before the page unloads. It seems to work pretty well, but misses every now and again.

I look forward to feedback and making some adjustments!

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