How to Drive Traffic to your Site

It’s been quite a month here at Digital Media Minute. I’ve doubled the traffic to this site and at the same time doubled the revenue from the advertisements you may see from time to time. I didn’t start the month with this goal in mind so I’ve been pleasantly surprised by the increased activity. I should also point out that my goal for maintaining this blog has nothing to do with visitors or revenue. I keep it going as I find it to be a nice way for me to keep up on the technologies that I use and research on a daily basis. The posts I create become somewhat of an archive of my research, and I find myself searching this blog, more than I do Google sometimes. And if other people like to read it and it generates a bit of revenue, then that’s just a nice bonus.

So I thought I would share with you a couple of the activities that I think have increased traffic to this site…

Content is King!
Over the past few weeks, I’ve been spending more time writing original content as opposed to just linking to other sites. My post on the Top 12 Rails Tutorials was the most popular item at and was on the Digg front page for a couple of days. This drew huge traffic (28,000+ uniques on Saturday and Sunday). My post on Microsoft – Three Big Announcements was picked up on Tech Memeorandum (if you haven’t tried Memeorandum, you should – NOW). And finally a post with an odd title – Changes to Firefox Tabs Coming – was Digg front page item for couple of days (I’m not too sure why – but it was). Finally my Character Entity Refernce continues to be a great draw recieving in bound links from the likes of Eric Meyer, Todd Dominey and Molly E. Holzschlag. So you want traffic? Create content!
Giving away free content
At work, I’m currently attempting to increase the search engine placement of some of our clients’ sites. I’m mostly looking at the basic stuff like semantic markup, creating crawler friendly urls, encouraging clients to increase backlinks into the site (legitimate ones of course). But I’ve also been looking at additional techniques, like placing content on Free Content sites. While I was testing this, I created a new domain and a small site to go with it (I can’t give you the URL as it may skew my research). One of the things I did to increase traffic into this ‘virgin’ domain, was to write a couple of articles and submitted them to Article City. Article City is a large collection of articles that are available for free to any publisher, as long as they keep the Author bio and links back to the author intact. Within a month of publishing the virgin domain and submitting the articles to Article City, the virgin domain was garnering just over 1,200 inbound visits from Google per day! Needless to say, I updated my bio to include a link back to this site, and I have seen a positive increase in search traffic.

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  1. For me this has been and still is the greatest struggle when it comes to webdevelopment. So thank you for sharing your ‘secrets’ :)
    Right now i am working to get a (for searchengines) representable version of the content of a full flash site… anything for the numbers…

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