Better JavaScript Debugging in 15 Minutes

I have created a 15 minute screencast that will show you how to Debug JavaScript with Firebug. I have spent quite a bit of time with the Firebug tool and thought I would share what expertise I have developed. I cover a number of concepts such as using the console, interactive debugger and timer features of the Firebug extension for Firefox. If you haven’t tried Firebug yet, I’m sure that this screencast will convince you to make it a part of your JavaScript coding workflow.

I hope you enjoy my first screencast! I plan on doing a few more over the next couple of weeks, so I would appreciate your feedback.

Launch the screencast now! (requires Flash)

16 thoughts on “Better JavaScript Debugging in 15 Minutes

  1. Great screencast! I wasn’t aware that Firebug was so powerful.

    Point of irony: your screencast page throws a Firebug error;)


  2. Odd – My Firebug shows no errors! It is worth noting that Firebug often doesn’t refresh itself properly when moving from page to page or from tab to tab. Maybe it was a leftover error message!

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  4. Great stuff.

    I did notice one error though. At the end when you are naming your timers, you name the End timer different than the begin function. Could that be why there was a 0 ms?

    Regardless, thanks for the screencast, I’m on my way over to download Firebug now!

  5. Thanks for putting this together! I think the source and style inspector needs a good screencast.

    This tool isn’t only for devs. Designers are going to love it too

  6. Tom – That is my plan for another screencast next week!

    Michael – Thanks for pointing that out! I will get it fixed as soon as I get a chance!

  7. I appreciate your video which taught me the basics of debugging for js. Thanks. One tiny nit: it was difficult for me to hear.

  8. Your screencast came just in time for me. Previous and infrequent attempts to understand how to use firebug were unsuccessful. The screencast gave me a lot of important insights. Is there a site that lists all the screen casts and tutuorial pieces? Great job and a greater THANK YOU!!

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