Big Day for Virtualization and Dual Booting

Three big announcements today that will provide developers with multiple solutions for working with multiple operating systems. First, Microsoft announced that Virtual PC 2004 is now free. Virtual PC 2004 is a software product that allows you to run multiple operating systems directly from within Windows.

Next, VMWare released the final version of their VMWare Server product. VMWare Server is much like Virtual PC, but may be a bit more robust as it is a more mature product.

Finally, Apple released a new version of their BootCamp software that allows for dual-booting of OSX and Windows XP on the same system. There are not alot of details regarding this update yet, but you are encouraged to reinstall the XP drivers after installing the update. One can only hope they have resolved the few outstanding driver problems in XP.

2 thoughts on “Big Day for Virtualization and Dual Booting

  1. I got all excited because I thought the mac version was now free as well, but its only the windows version that is free. bummer.

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