Clean Up Your Mac’s Desktop

I’ve seen a few links to a neat little OSX utility called Backdrop that essentially hides all of your desktop icons with either a solid color or image. This is useful when you want to record a screencast or if you are giving a presentation and want to hide the cruft on your desktop. Although Backdrop works great, I like a similar application called Desktopple that does the same thing except that it can be started using either a hot key or by clicking on the applications menu icon. Desktopple is available in two versions – a free feature limited version and a pro version that costs $12.

3 thoughts on “Clean Up Your Mac’s Desktop

  1. Is it true that if your desktop is loaded with stuff that it slows down your computers performance? I’ve read that somewhere and wasn’t sure?

  2. I think it may have been an issue years ago when video cards had small amounts of memory, but now a days, I doubt it is a problem! PS – Hope your classes are going well Darren!

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