Clean Up Your Mac’s Desktop

by Tom Mullaly on January 9, 2007

I’ve seen a few links to a neat little OSX utility called Backdrop that essentially hides all of your desktop icons with either a solid color or image. This is useful when you want to record a screencast or if you are giving a presentation and want to hide the cruft on your desktop. Although Backdrop works great, I like a similar application called Desktopple that does the same thing except that it can be started using either a hot key or by clicking on the applications menu icon. Desktopple is available in two versions – a free feature limited version and a pro version that costs $12.

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Is it true that if your desktop is loaded with stuff that it slows down your computers performance? I’ve read that somewhere and wasn’t sure?


I think it may have been an issue years ago when video cards had small amounts of memory, but now a days, I doubt it is a problem! PS – Hope your classes are going well Darren!


There going really well! I’m stoked on the php class! Nice job on your new site by the way.

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