Adobe Safari?

Chris Brichford, an engineer on Adobe Apollo team, talks about Leveraging HTML and JavaScript in Apollo Applications in a video from this year’s MAX in Las Vegas. There are some nice examples of how to manipulate the HTMLControl (an embedded web browser) by applying blurs and rotations, and how to mashup content from websites like Google Maps with a Flex UI wrapper.

One of the small gems in this presentation is when Chris talks about the selection of WebCore and JavascriptCore as the HTML rendering engine for Apollo. WebKit is open-source, has a small footprint, is mobile friendly and Apollo will be kept in sync with Apple’s Safari web browser. In the true spirit of open-source, Adobe is sharing a significant amount of code with Apple.

I’m sure it won’t be too long before somebody creates a very simple Apollo Web Browser that can be used by Windows and Linux users for testing web site compatibility with the popular Safari browser.

[Video link via Peter Elst]