Six Hours I’ll Never Get Back (Thanks Adobe)

So I woke up yesterday to an announcement that CS3 had been released! Man – I was so excited (yup I’m a geek). This is something my Intel MacBook Pro had been dreaming about for a year! So I quickly opened up my wallet and approximately $600CAD quickly made its way to San Jose. Promptly I recieved a serial number and my day of frustration began!

I downloaded the CS3 Web Premium disk image, mounted it, and double clicked the setup icon. I quickly got past the first two dialogs until I was greeted by Photoshop CS3 and Fireworks CS3 conflict errors. Now, I had installed betas of the aforementioned software, but I was sure that I had uninstalled them. So I double checked and sure enough there were not on my system.

So I started to check Adobe Support and nothing was coming up as a solution to this problem. So I poked around MXNA and finally found that this was a bit of a common problem for beta testers and found this post that pointed to a solution.

It turns out that on a Mac, Adobe now has uninstallers (maybe they have for a while – I’m not sure) and that the beta versions of CS3 needed to be uninstalled using the uninstaller, and not in the Mac familiar way of simply dragging the program to the trash. I guess I must have removed my CS3 betas by the drag to trash method.

It appears as though many beta testers did this as well because the solution Adobe had to my problem was in the form of a simple script that removed all remnants of CS3 betas. So I downloaded the script, read the instructions, and as instructed to, double-clicked on the CS3Clean program (script). But it didn’t work. Nothing happened. I was supposed to be asked for a password, then choose a bunch of options. Hmmm.

Being a bit computer literate, I noticed that the download from Adobe also had an Python script. So I fired up terminal and ran the Python script. And it worked – I was presented with a bunch of questions, and at the end, a bunch of files had been removed.

So great! I restarted my computer, and hit the CS3 install only to find the same conflict errors greeting me. WTF? So I ran the cleaning script again, and the same results.

So back off to Adobe Support, the prerelease forums, Adobe forums – no luck. It was now getting late. Time to give up and call Support in the morning.

Then something hit me. The CS3Clean script was supposed to prompt me for a password. Maybe when I executed the python script, I needed to authenticate using sudo. Alright – one more try.

sudo python

The script once again reported that all files had been successfully removed.  So I reboot once again and I fire up the installer….

Wow – It works!  Jim is happy – MacBook Pro is happy!

So the point of this rant is to warn any of you who were Adobe CS3 beta testers:

  1. Unistall your betas properly.  The unistallers are located in /Applications/Utilities/Adobe Installers
  2.  If you’ve already uninstalled using the drag to trash Mac “standard” grab the CS3Clean script
  3. Enjoy CS3 – It is really fantastic!  Nice work on this one Adobe.

10 thoughts on “Six Hours I’ll Never Get Back (Thanks Adobe)

  1. I’m sorry for the hassle, Jim, but thanks for telling the story, reminding about the uninstallers.

    The installation configurations are particularly tricky this time, both with the supporting software (Bridge, color etc) and the unprecedented early Photoshop access five months ago.

    My guess is that we’ll see more experiences similar to yours… installation will be trickier then previous releases, but once you’re up and running the overall experience will be better.


  2. Hey John. Thanks for the response – and I do want to strongly say that I agree the overall experience of having CS3 up and running on my Mac is already way better (and faster)! The team at Adobe has really outdone themselves on this release. I am also very pleased that I was able to upgrade my Studio 8 license for only $600CAD and that not only do I get replacements for DW, FW, and Flash but I also get Photoshop, Illustrator and Acrobat Pro. What great value!

  3. That’s good advice. It won’t affect me, since I didn’t get any of the betas, but it’s good to have it out there.

    How is CS3? I’ve been thinking I might want to upgrade my Studio 8 to Web Premium, and it sounds like a good deal (the upgrade).

  4. Well, my boxed copy of Cs3 has yet to arrive, but thanks for the heads up on proper use of the clean script, you may well have saved me from a very unproductive day. :)

  5. I had a very similar issue, except none of the scripts worked either. I had to completely reformat my system for it to work… 2 Days I wish I could get back there.

  6. I would be interested to hear further impressions on CS3, particularly the Web Premium package. Does it have everything you need, or is there something missing? Or is there a component of the package that you don’t get any use from?

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