Rogers -Mistreating Canadian iPhone customers since 2008

If you are a Canadian who is (was) hoping to pick yourself up an iPhone on July 11th, Rogers Communciations just announced their voice and data plans.  WOW – they are totally screwing us Canadians over – just look at the plan comparisions between the US, UK and Canada. If you’re as outraged and disappointed as I am you should head on over to where you can sign a petition and open letter to Steve Jobs.  If anyone from Rogers is reading this post (not likely but I’ll say it anyhow) I will not be purchasing an iPhone nor a service plan from you.

3 thoughts on “Rogers -Mistreating Canadian iPhone customers since 2008

  1. I’m in the UK and I think it’s a disgrace that Canadians are even more pressured into spending ludicrous amounts of money on these pieces of trash.

  2. First we get double-billed on texting, now this? I’m sticking with a Java-Based phone on an unlimited sub $10/month data plan.

    There are other phones out there and as a community we’re smart enough to know how to get them to do what we want.

    Too bad for anyone not in tune with whats going on…hate to see their first bill sticker shock.

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