Google Website Optimizer Case Study

From Tim Ferriss, here’s an excellent article on using Google Website Optimizer improve your homepage conversions.

Once reading this, you will know more about split-testing than 90%+ of the consultants who get paid to do it…

OK Tim, you’re on. Using a detailed case study, and including instructions for interpreting the data, this article is really excellent. In case you’re not already aware, Google Website Optimizer is a totally free service offered by Google, who really wants you to improve the usability of your site and your conversions, whatever those conversions might involve.

Do you think you don’t “really” need it? Just remember that if you could double your current conversions for a given amount of traffic, it’s as good as doubling the traffic you have, while converting the same percentage. You’d be excited about doubling your traffic, wouldn’t you?Think about that.