History Of Operating Systems That Are History

As we move into the future tomorrow night and leave the 00’s behind, it’s a perfect time to cast a glance back to ten operating systems that time forgot, from Computerworld. I still remember how excited everybody and their granny was at the arrival of Windows 95. (Man was that only 15 years ago?)…..This is a very Interesting read:

  • CP/M
  • DOS
  • Mac OS
  • AmigaOS
  • GEOS
  • OS/2
  • NeXTStep
  • BeOS
  • Windows 95
  • Forgotten but not gone: The X Window System

I wonder if you can think of any more? Leave it in the comments if you can! On a related note I wonder if we’re moving towards a consolidation in the number of operating systems available to run our computers and mobile devices? It would be interesting to see a post outlining how many were available in let’s say 1990 as compared to today.