Mac Widgets For Web Designers

Here is a pretty lengthy list of dashboard widgets for developers and web designers who work on the Mac platform. I was not aware of Image Shackle and ColourMod; take a look to see if any of these will make your professional life easier. We have done many, many lists of Firefox extensions that can […]

Onesheet-Simple Social Media Aggregator For Bands

With Onesheet, Brenden Mulligan aims to create a way for bands to set up a web presence in under a minute. I think he succeeds spectacularly. Create a single-page site, connect it to third-party services you have for your band (ReverbNation, Soundcloud, YouTube, etc.), and it automatically reflects all future updates to those services. The […]

Web Design In The Age Of Handheld Devices

Most traffic at WiFi hotspots now goes through handheld devices like smartphones and tablets. We have companies like Flipboard to let us greatly enhance our experience of websites, and onswipe, offering web publishers a way to make a “beautiful app-like experience’ of their sites when consumed via tablets and phone browsers. So here’s a simple […]

OMG Text Plugin For Compass

Here’s just a little treat for for web designers: check out the OMG text plugin for Compass, the open-source CSS Authoring Framework. It will enable you to easily add * totally incredible* large text shadows, and at whatever angle you require to convey your adolescent enthusiasm–hence the name OMG… It is hard to know just […]

Tools For Web Designers

We haven’t done any pointer posts to developer tools and utilities for Mac lately, so here is a nice list of 11 free tools for web designers working on Mac OS X, from The Next Web. If you are inclined to share any useful development tools that you have run across in the last several […]

Outstanding WordPress Developer Cheatsheet

Whether you are a developer who customizes WordPress for client projects or someone with several sites who makes use of the popular blogging platform because of its ease of use, you will find this very handy: has a very good looking WordPress cheatsheet/info graphic covering basic theme anatomy, a template checklist, include and template […]

Set A Google Map As Your Website’s Background

Wow, Wade Hammes shows us how he used the Google Maps API to set a Google map as the background for his website. If that doesn’t sound all that exciting, take a look at how attractive one implementation is here. One use that leaps right off the screen is for a functional and attractive background […]

Wireframe Mockup Apps Review

Almost every project is iterative and collaborative, so tools that help us quickly evolve the look and functionality of app designs are becoming more relevant, √ā¬†Especially since more and more of us work with people who are located in the same building or even on the same continent sometimes. Luckily the mockups help us to […]

Usability Services Made Easy

Web design involves a degree of guesswork. Your experienced eye might be pleased with the look and functionality of your site, but can you really be sure that you have ordered it in such a way to a easily enable a user to extract information and overall value, or to nudge them toward a specific […]

Web Standards Resources

With the idea that there’s value in having pointers to information in one place, here’s a comprehensive list of places to which web designers can refer to get and stay informed about web standards. Definitely worth a bookmark, you’ll find online and published web design resources, relevant blogs and events. I would probably go so […]

Easy Tool, Easy Grid

Here’s a nice tool for web designers: Gridulator makes it very fast and easy to create pixel grids and save them as PNG files. Just enter your overall width and the number of columns, then column width and gutter width are calculated automatically, plus there is a preview button. I can see this coming in […]

Instant Web

Wake up. Get idea. Make web app called oh say, YouTube instant, which lets users find YouTube videos in the same way that the new Google Instant helps you search faster with predictive text entry suggestions. Get tweet from YouTube CEO Chad Hurley offering you a job. That was Feross Aboukhadijeh’s day today on the […]

New Free Icon Sets

Digital Media Minute has done many, many pointer posts on where to find icon sets and open source icon libraries over the years, but it’s been way too long. Noupe came out with this great set of 50 gorgeous new icon sets that won’t cost you a dime. If your icon library is getting a […]

A New Kind Of Web Design Application

Jason Santa Maria analyses the shortcomings of current web design tools and browsers and asks if Webkit could be the basis of desktop app for web design. A thought-provoking must-read, especially if you have felt less-than-satisfied with the tools you now use for web design. I think he asks some pertinent questions for 2010. Just […]

What Web Apps Need

Here is a video of the well-known venture capitalist Fred Wilson telling us the 10 absolutely necessary attributes that every web app must have, in his opinion. Wilson’s blog is a worthy read, but what does he know about successful web apps? Well he may not be a geek, but he was an early investor […]