Adobe Air Launchpad

Greg Wilson has a post on the launch of Adobe Air Launchpad, a new tool for the desktop created to help Adobe Flex developers begin building desktop apps deployed on AIR. The ready-to-import Flex project that you can create with it is a starting point for your AIR application. There’s a detailed video also. It’s […]

Adobe’s Lightroom 3, For Vastly Improved Hand Held Night Photography

Adobe’s Lightroom 3 has huge improvements in luminance and color noise reduction, and looks like a huge leap for photo editing, especially for high iso low-light nightime shots, if the sample shots from this review by Thomas Hawk are any indication. I suppose if you are a photographer who has experience  with Lightroom or even Photoshop […]

Adobe CS5

Here comes Adobe creative Suite 5 next month apparently, and here is a comprehensive article highlighting all the new features in Photoshop, InDesign, Illustrator, Premiere Pro and Dreamweaver: man the prices aren’t falling but the package is very sweet. Let’s face it: for graphic design professionals it barely matters what the price is, they have […]

Playing Well With IPad

IPad does not show the blue Lego icon that they formerly used to indicate that Flash is not supported on a given device. This may mean that Apple doesn’t see iPad’s lack of support for Flash as a shortcoming of the device, but instead as deficiency in the site you’re choosing to view on iPad, […]

Online Radio Station Finder

When it comes to finding radio stations online, you could always Google, but that’s hardly efficient. What you need is Antenna a free application based on the Adobe AIR Runtime with a very slick, map-based interface which you can use to find online radio stations very easily, based on their geographic location or genre. Nice […]

Creating Secure AIR Plugins

Christian Cantrell writes a secure plugin architecture for AIR applications, finds it was easier than he thought it might be, then gives us a post on extending AIR apps with plugins, as he transforms his own SearchCentral application into ‘Pluggable SearchCentral’. Adobe is lucky to have employees like Cantrell who possess much more than a […]

Integrating Flex Into Portals

Here’s an excellent, detailed article from IBM’s developerWorks that tells you how to integrate Adobe Flex apps into portals, using an IBM WebSphere Portal portlet as an example. If you are an enterprise developer interested in combining Flex with WebSphere portal you might find it instructive. This is another example of the excellence of DeveloperWorks […]

TaskWrapper For Google Tasks

If you run Google Tasks in a window that “pops out” of Gmail you may have run into the problem of your task window closing accidentally when you close your browser, or even when you switch over to your browser. You can find applications through which you can run Google Tasks on your desktop, but […]

Flash Catalyst

Over at United Mindset Jonathan Campos has an excellent write-up on Adobe Flash Catalyst. As a developer he thinks of it as the missing visual editor for Flash Builder, as you can really edit and create within Flash Catalyst, and get the generated code to copy into your Flash Projects. He walks us through creating […]

AIR 2.0 New Features

How did I miss this? AIR evangelist Christian Cantrell has created a comprehensive list of new features that are planned for inclusion in AIR 2.0. Multi-touch, gestures…check it out.  I don’t think this can quite be called a resurrection but it certainly seems like a bit of a redefinition for AIR,  and it all adds […]

ServerSocket API In AIR 2 Demo

Christian Cantrell wrote an app called HTTPeek, to validate AIR 2 new ServerSocket APIs. It is a proxy server sitting between your browser and the network that shows HTTP request and response headers. HTTPeek  is able to deal with content that is compressed or chunked, binary content, etc. A majority of the code for the application […]

Express Checkout With Flex And Adobe AIR

Paypal Express Checkout makes the checkout process a lot faster when you buy something using PayPal– the problem is that there are security implications if you want to use it in stateful apps. If you are lucky enough to have some knowledge of Flex, ActionScript 3, and PHP this article will guide you in integrating […]

New Release Of Adobe Cookbooks

In case you haven’t heard, there is a greatly improved Adobe Cookbooks available. Some of the new features are ‘recipe requests’ and ‘related recipes’, Cookbook Explorer, which lets you visualize popular cookbook recipes and recipe contributors, supposedly better search, coverage of a lot more Adobe products and technologies, and new contributor recognition. Very well done, […]

Adobe: Envelope Pushing

Check out the “Adobe Rome” project, a souped-up photo editing Air application written using the Flex framework, that as Jonathan Campos says, is akin to a mashup between Flash, Photoshop, Fireworks, and Dreamweaver. Works on the web, works on the desktop… Wow it’s nice to see this ambitious move by Adobe, although it has to […]

Getting Flash Apps To IPhone

At Adobe MAX, Adobe is showcasing Flash applications for iPhone/iPod Touch, created with the new Flash Professional CS5. This is not a policy change from Apple though; developers can use the Flash developer tool to convert Flash applications into apps that work on iPhone without having to build iPhone apps. You didn’t think that Adobe […]