Adobe Air Launchpad

Greg Wilson has a post on the launch of Adobe Air Launchpad, a new tool for the desktop created to help Adobe Flex developers begin building desktop apps deployed on AIR. The ready-to-import Flex project that you can create with it is a starting point for your AIR application. There’s a detailed video also. It’s […]

Android Tablet Running Flash And AIR

Check out the demo of a prototype Android tablet running Flash and AIR applications, being demonstrated the at Web 2.0 Expo. Of course we all want to know what the hardware is, but it’s clearly a proof-of-concept device that Adobe got together, with help from Tegra 2 as it tuns out, to remind everyone that […]

Online Radio Station Finder

When it comes to finding radio stations online, you could always Google, but that’s hardly efficient. What you need is Antenna a free application based on the Adobe AIR Runtime with a very slick, map-based interface which you can use to find online radio stations very easily, based on their geographic location or genre. Nice […]

Creating Secure AIR Plugins

Christian Cantrell writes a secure plugin architecture for AIR applications, finds it was easier than he thought it might be, then gives us a post on extending AIR apps with plugins, as he transforms his own SearchCentral application into ‘Pluggable SearchCentral’. Adobe is lucky to have employees like Cantrell who possess much more than a […]

TaskWrapper For Google Tasks

If you run Google Tasks in a window that “pops out” of Gmail you may have run into the problem of your task window closing accidentally when you close your browser, or even when you switch over to your browser. You can find applications through which you can run Google Tasks on your desktop, but […]

AIR 2.0 New Features

How did I miss this? AIR evangelist Christian Cantrell has created a comprehensive list of new features that are planned for inclusion in AIR 2.0. Multi-touch, gestures…check it out.  I don’t think this can quite be called a resurrection but it certainly seems like a bit of a redefinition for AIR,  and it all adds […]

ServerSocket API In AIR 2 Demo

Christian Cantrell wrote an app called HTTPeek, to validate AIR 2 new ServerSocket APIs. It is a proxy server sitting between your browser and the network that shows HTTP request and response headers. HTTPeek  is able to deal with content that is compressed or chunked, binary content, etc. A majority of the code for the application […]

Express Checkout With Flex And Adobe AIR

Paypal Express Checkout makes the checkout process a lot faster when you buy something using PayPal– the problem is that there are security implications if you want to use it in stateful apps. If you are lucky enough to have some knowledge of Flex, ActionScript 3, and PHP this article will guide you in integrating […]

Air Apps For Web Designers

If you are a web designer, here’s a list of useful applications from Web Design Ledger that happen to have been created with Adobe Air. Check out Fractal4D and Icon Generator. Actually even non-designers might find an easy image sizer handy. I love a gallery like this, of applications specific to a slick technology like […]

Spell Checking For Adobe Air and Flash Player

Adobe has introduced a preview release of Squiggly, a spell checking engine for Adobe Flash Player and Adobe AIR. Find the online demo here. You can add spell checking functionality in any Flex 3 based text control with the Squiggly library. This may seem like a small incremental step in adding functionality to potentially  loads […]

Flash debugger

Interested in trying a different Flash debugger? De MonsterDebugger is an open-source debugger for Adobe Flash, AIR, and a Flex debugger to boot. From De Monsters Design Studios, and built with Flex and AIR. Even if you don’t ultimately decide that this tool is superior to whatever you are currently using to debug your javascript, […]

E4X Selection by Attribute in Flex

My colleague David Meeuwis showed me a most useful and non-intuitive tip that explains a subtle difference between using the @ axis and the attribute() axis in E4X. For example, given the following XML fragment… <names> <name salutation=”Mr”>Billy Bob Thorton</name> <name salutation=”Mrs”>Angelina Jollie</name> <name>Brad Pitt</name> <name salutation=”Ms”>Jennifer Aniston</name> <name salutation=”Mr”>Vince Vaugn</name> </names> The AS3 expression […]

Flex Thumbnail Browser Component

Regular readers of my site have probably noticed that I have been an inactive blogger over the past couple of months. There’s a very good reason for this. Since starting my own consultancy, I have been very busy! I think I may actually be working for the first time in my life – and having […]

Link Dump from my Flex Presentation

Last night I gave a presentation to a group of about 40 web developers/designers in Victoria, British Columbia. I promised you all a link dump of the sites I visited so here it is… Samples of Rich Internet Applications developed with Flex: Buzzword Picnik Scrapblog Flex Resources at the Adobe website: Flex Builder Flex 2 […]

Speaking Engagment

I will be in Victoria, British Columbia on Wednesday August 22nd speaking to the Better Web Posse. My presentation will be on Flex and AIR and will discuss many things including Flex’s support for open standards, myths surrounding the Flex framework, and a quick introduction to AIR and its support for AJAX development. There will […]