Are Old JavaScript Libraries Slowing You Down?

The guys at Dynatrace have a nice post detailing why outdated JavaScript libraries impact page load times so negatively, especially relative to client time, JavaScript! blocks and calls to Spry.$$. In the early days of Digital Media Minute I used to post pointers to JavaScript libraries on a very regular basis and it’s been a […]

Ajax In WordPress

Here’s a good tutorial on implementing Ajax in WordPress themes.  this is terrific if you’ve ever thought about creating a WordPress theme yourself. A lot of developers create WordPress themes as a way of making a little extra money since the WordPress ecosystem is large enough to always be able to support at least one […]

Loading Indicator

You can’t release that project into the wild until you give people a slick, colorful loading indicator to know that they are waiting for something to happen. Coding something from scratch is most certainly beneath you, so you need this progress indicator from It’s is a two-step process that takes about 20 seconds: choose […]

MooTools Tips

Over at David Walsh has a long article comprised of fifteen highly-detailed tips for optimizing your MooTools JavaScript framework code. There are just a few of the tips that Walsh gives us an in-depth explanation of: Use jQuery and MooTools together Save elements and element collections Use element methods on element collections use MooTools […]

The Father of “AJAX” on AIR

Wired has a feature article with the man who coined the term “AJAX”, Jesse James Garrett, where he suggests that  AIR will be another boost for web apps.  It really great to see the HTML/CSS/JS crowd embracing the AIR plaform just as it’s great to see Adobe embracing the same community. How much richer are […]

The Power of Google Gears

O’Reilly’s site has the first part in a new series documenting The Power of Google Gears. Part one outlines the database portion of the Google Gears API while future tutorials will show you how to use the WorkerPool and LocalServer API’s. This is just another piece of superb tech writing from and O’Reilly, and timely […]

Showroom of Simple Downloadable DHTML and AJAX Scripts has a showroom of nice looking simple downloadable DHTML and AJAX scripts that can add some zip and spice to your websites. The scripts have all been created and hosted by other authors, but this is a nice place to start to browse some of the most popular scripts of the past year or […]

Another (great) JavaScript Library

Mootools is a small object-oriented JavaScript library that is crossbrowser compatible and easy to use. Some features include DOM effects, Ajax, DOM Navigator, drag and drop, sortable lists, cookies management and much more. The framework also makes it easy to extend HTML elements with your own methods, to help make your coding style way cooler. […]

Avoiding JavaScript Memory Leaks

The always outstanding reference IBM Developer Works offers some steps you can take to avoid JavaScript memory leaks. This article also offers a terrific general explanation of memory leaks, also known as circular references, in your JavaScript apps. Closures are covered in some detail, as are methods of avoiding memory leaks. There is plenty of […]

Ajax Loading GIF Generator

Ajaxload is a nifty web applicatoin that lets you create a variety of animated GIF’s for indicating AJAX activity within your web applications. What makes this tool unique is that you can specify your own background and forground colors for the activity indicator. This simple little tool will allow you to attend to one of […]

Mastering Ajax Series

Brett McLaughlin has a 5 part series at IBM Developer works that provides a complete introduction to using AJAX technologies in your web applications… Part I – Introduction to Ajax Part II – Make asynchronous requests with JavaScript and Ajax Part III – Advanced requests and responses in Ajax Part IV – Exploiting DOM for […]

Debugging Server Side Ajax Functions

Mike Papageorge from FiftyFourEleven has a great method for Debugging Server Side Ajax Functions. He has a general purpose PHP function that writes debug information to a simple text file that then can be opened in your browser.  I’d love to know what other tips or tricks Digital Media Minute readers have for debugging Ajax […]

How To Create an RSS Aggregator with PHP and AJAX

Kris Hadlock explains How To Create an RSS Aggregator with PHP and AJAX by creating real-time data transfers without a browser refresh. This is done by sending (using AJAX) an HTML request file for the RSS feed to a script (a custom PHP object) on the server side and then getting back a XML file […]

Quick Guide to Prototype

Particletree offers a Quick Guide to the Prototype JavaScript library. This library is amazing and will help speed the development of your DOM/AJAX based web applications. I have had Particletree in my RSS reader for quite some time and the site is particularly strong in helping you discover new JavaScript libraries like Prototype.js. The aim […]

AJAX and Scripting Web services with E4X

IBM Developer Works has an introduction to ECMAScript for XML (E4X). EX4 is an extension to JavaScript that makes XML scripting very simple. This two part series demonstrates how combining AJAX and some new XML extensions to JavaScript can DOM scripting very simple. Part 1 – Introducing EX4 Part 2 – Create new Web services […]