Programming A Simple Android Application

Concise is nice. Actually, as busy as we are it can make the difference between spending time on something and surfing past it. In this screencast Chris Bennett take only four minutes to show us how to program a simple Android ‘Hello world’ application. Here’s a crazy idea: curious people are the best learners, and […]

Android Apps On Your Blackberry?

Hey ah, what if Android apps could run on Blackberry devices? Word comes from an app maker that its analytics show that Research In Motion might be planning to enable its hardware to run Android apps, possibly by making use of virtual machine software. File this for the moment in the rumor department, but the […]

Microsoft Will Save You

I find this Microsoft ad fascinating. Have I got this right? “We will save you from devices whose features are so compelling that if you’re not careful you’ll become so distracted that you miss out on life.” They will make a device with fewer features I guess, more like a traditional phone, and ‘save us’ […]

Khan Academy Web App

One of the finest free education sites on the Internet now has a mobile webapp. If you aren’t aware of it, has over 1800 (!) video tutorials on subjects like pre-algebra, algebra, geometry, trigonometry, pre-calculus, calculus, statistics, biology, chemistry, physics, astronomy, economics and finance, and a few other topics. Sal Khan is a great […]

Is Viber The VoIP Holy Grail?

Do we need another VoIP app? Nope. Do you want to at least take a look at the new free Viber app? Definitely. There is no login or registration, and it is always on and synced to your contacts list so the functionality feels no different than your current phone. As with Skype and other […]

Tim Bray Explains Android

For a good overview of Android for developers to get a look at all the parts before diving in head first, check out this concise article from Tim Bray, covering the roles that Linux and Dalvik play, the Android app framework, some of the standard libraries, SDK and NDK apps, etc., including plenty of links […]

UI Guidelines For Mobile Devices

If you are a mobile web application designer here is your bookmark of the week as far as I am concerned. has a handy list of user interface guidelines for mobile and tablet web applications for devices using/from companies like Apple, RIM (Blackberry), Android, Motorola, Nokia, Symbian, Windows Mobile, Sony Erikson, and others. No […]

Android Application Development Tips

Steve Jobs claims it’s really difficult to develop apps for Android, so since it’s so hard I thought I’d share some help from the trenches. Here’s a list of Android app development lessons learned from a guy who just built his first app. Good luck and don’t anybody hurt themselves. Seriously though, it seems to […]

Install And Run Android Emulator

Chances are you have no intention of tying yourself and your developer repertoire exclusively to the iPhone when building mobile apps in the future. Pete Freitag has a short post on how to install and get the Android Emulator up and running when you want to start getting familiar with the Android development tools. As […]

Android Scanner Application: Create PDFs With Your Android Device

In my never-ending quest to point readers toward first-rate mobile device applications for platforms other than iPhone, take a look at this very handy app for Android users that enables you to take a quick photo (maybe misleadingly referred to as a “scan”) and save it on your device as a PDF file ready to […]

Google App Inventor

Google has been testing a tool-with schoolchildren-that will enable anyone to produce Android apps very easily. The video below gives just a hint of what Google App Inventor is, but it looks interesting, probably more interesting from a GUI design perspective than for the fact that I’ll be able to download the work of non-programmers […]

Android AppWidget Construction

Customization is obviously a big part of the quick adoption of smartphones. You wonder how much longer the market will offer phones that don’t offer apps and myriad other features that make your phone fit your life. Along these lines, here’s an article from Frank Ableson on adding the functionality of App Widgets for your […]

Installing Android OS On A PC

If you’d like to take a look at Android OS without buying an Android gadget check out this very nice, full-blown tutorial with screenshots for installing Android OS on your PC, using VirtualBox. This is going to be extremely helpful for people who create Android applications using PCs and want to quickly test incremental improvements […]

Gaga For Google Goggles

We have seen mobile apps that allow you to speak in one language and have the audio translated into another language. Google Goggles aims to give you a quick way to translate text using your phone’s camera. You just draw a frame around words that you want to translate on that box of cereal in […]

Android Tablet Running Flash And AIR

Check out the demo of a prototype Android tablet running Flash and AIR applications, being demonstrated the at Web 2.0 Expo. Of course we all want to know what the hardware is, but it’s clearly a proof-of-concept device that Adobe got together, with help from Tegra 2 as it tuns out, to remind everyone that […]