Tomcat Community

Developers who run Apache Tomcat, the most popular Java application server, have a new resource. Have you heard about the new, which bills itself as an Enterprise Tomcat community? Brought to you by SpringSource, with a blog, a Knowledge Base, and an ‘ask the expert’ feature, the idea for TomcatExpert is to fill in […]

Daring Fireball: Using .htaccess Redirection to Standardize Web Server Addresses

John Gruber has a great article about Using .htaccess Redirection to Standardize Web Server Addresses. .htaccess files are actually quite easy to work with, and if you have a website, you should be able to implement many of these techniques to provide better URI’s to your users. In fact, even if you have a single […]

Flex Compilation Module for Apache and IIS

If you are not using Flex Builder for your projects and are compiling your Flex applications from the command-line, you might be interested in this relatively new project on Adobe Labs.  The Flex Module for Apache and IIS module provides web-tier compilation of MXML and ActionScript files on Apache and IIS web servers.  The module […]

Creating Heatmaps for Web Analytics

Corunet presents The definitive heatmap where by using a combination of Apache, Ruby and JavaScript, you can create your own heatmaps to track where users are clicking on your sites. So this combination of scripts essentially give you the same results as CrazyEgg, however, by rolling your own solution you’ll probably learn something along the […]

Security Testing your Apache Configuration with Nikto

If you’re running an Apache web server, you should most definately give this short how-to a try. Security Testing your Apache Configuration with Nikto is super simple to follow and you might find the results surprising (like I did).  I expect that you can’t think of any compelling reasons to avoid this sort of security […]

Beginning with Subversion on Windows

James Higgs has put together a really nice series of articles that will help you get up and running with the Subversion open source version control system.  You have known for a while that if you are not yet conversant with subversion, the day is going to come when you need to be. Rather than […]

Fixing AJAX: XmlHttpRequest Considered Harmful

Via Ajaxian, has a good article titled Fixing AJAX: XmlHttpRequest Considered Harmful. The article states that the XMLHttpRequest object enables alot of the really cool stuff in today’s web applications, but asserts that the really cool stuff that can be done but is never talked about is using AJAX to consume third-party web services […]

More .htaccess Tricks and Tips

If you’re new to Apache web server administration, you should check out this article on .htaccess tricks and tips.  This is a terrific article–it starts off at the very beginning of what you need to know about .htaccess,  i.e. ‘.htaccess  files are invisible’. The article assumes no prior knowledge whatsoever and covers .htaccess  enabling, access control, custom […]

.HTACCESS – Useful Tips and Tricks

.HTACCESS files useful tips and tricks is a nice tutorial that is, well, full of tips and tricks! Here are a few areas that the author, Garnet R. Chaney covers: Apache configuration, use of .HTACCESS files for web hosting users, .HTACCESS files format, custom error documents, enabling server-side includes, modifying the environment, adding new MIME […]

Apache Configuration Language Module for BBEdit

Daring Fireball’s John Gruber has created a great Apache Configuration Language Module for BBEdit. It provides syntax coloring for comments and Apache server directive keywords. The keywords list is a superset of the directives for Apache versions 1.3 and 2.0. This particular contribution to the Apache community from John Gruber is great, but I would […]

Quick Start Tutorial for Jakarta Struts

Demystifying Apache Struts: A Quick Start Tutorial for Jakarta Struts is a seven part tutorial that explains: Installing and configuring Struts? A step-by-step guide to set up a simple Struts application Overview of the minimum steps required to build a basic Apache Struts application Specific examples of how to use each of the most important […]

mod_torrent for Apache

mod_torrent is a drop in solution for Apache servers when deploying the BitTorrent file swarming technology. The module transparently makes all, or optionally only certain types of files, retrievable by any client implementing the BitTorrent protocol. This module is still in the early phases of development, but I like the fact that you will be […]

How To Run a Personal Website with Apache on WinXP

Running a personal website on Apache HTTP server on WinXP is a good tutorial that will get you up and running in no time at all. The real value here is that it gives an end-to-end solution for anyone who’s interested in finally taking the plunge into web publishing for themselves. For anybody who has […]

A Users Guide to URL Rewriting

A Users Guide to URL Rewriting with the Apache Webserver is a nice reference site that will help you use Apache’s mod_rewrite to solve typical URL-based problems webmasters are usually confronted with in practice. One of the challenges that mod_rewrite addresses is helping you making sure the search engine robots see only one version of […]

Enabling Virtual Hosts on MacOS X

Enabling Virtual Hosts on MacOS X is a tutorial at that will show you how to create a virtual host using the built-in Apache web server.  Since you most likely have several websites that you’re developing any one time this tutorial explains the way you can develop all the sites that you want to […]