App Store First Impressions: Everything Is An iDevice

App Store first impressions: nice that they kept the interface substantially similar to the iTunes App Store, and “Hey, a lot of these apps are pretty expensive!” After the required OS X upgrade I downloaded the free app Drop Copy, which makes sending files between computers on your local network a simple drag-and-drop, complete with […]

Evolution Of Computers: The Big Differentiation

We have hard evidence now that so much of computer industry will be going away. Michael Dell and Steve Ballmer can’t just ‘make cool tablets’ because the integration that Apple has with apps and the app store is key. Android is the only competition. You formerly had to buy (into) so much complexity to do […]

Portable IMac Solution

If you’re looking for a way to transport your iMac on an airplane, I have a solution for you that I’ve used many times since I bought my iMac G5 almost 5 years ago. If you’re heading someplace for more than a week or two you should know that iLugger makes it very easy to […]

Android Tablet Running Flash And AIR

Check out the demo of a prototype Android tablet running Flash and AIR applications, being demonstrated the at Web 2.0 Expo. Of course we all want to know what the hardware is, but it’s clearly a proof-of-concept device that Adobe got together, with help from Tegra 2 as it tuns out, to remind everyone that […]

Playing Well With IPad

IPad does not show the blue Lego icon that they formerly used to indicate that Flash is not supported on a given device. This may mean that Apple doesn’t see iPad’s lack of support for Flash as a shortcoming of the device, but instead as deficiency in the site you’re choosing to view on iPad, […]

The State Of Apple

Since this is weeks old already I know that it is hopelessly dated, but I found John Gruber’s Macworld 2010 speech, on the top ten challenges facing Apple, interesting and funny. In admitting his disdain for “the F-word” (fanboy), he goes his critics one better by sarcastically musing about the future of his relationship with […]

Jobs On Nano, Etc.

Short synopsis of an interview with Steve Jobs from the NYT. Highlights: *A camera in the Nano but not the touch? Basically Apple decided to reduce the price and keep it stripped down. They see iPod Touch as a game machine and the ‘lowest-cost way to the App Store’. Wow. Remember Jobs saying that there […]

IPhone Developer Tools

We’ve pointed to tutorials to help you learn to build iPhone apps before, but here is a great list of resources to mark the one year anniversary of the App Store. To me it’s as much about showing us the future of software delivery as it about Apple. It goes without saying that if you […]

The iPhone Video Booster

The guys from OWLE are trying to get the Qik app in the App Store and would like you to help them. It’s a very cool live video app but it’s not their app, so why is Harold from this clip giving us a demo? In the middle of this clip they unhook the iPhone […]

IPhone 3G S: The Incredible Disappearing Phone

With Apple’s introduction of iPhone 3G S and the upgrades to the iPhone SDK announced at the WWDC on June 8, application developers still on the sidelines might want to look again at the possibilities for iPhone (and iPod touch) development, and brainstorm new apps accordingly. There are several reasons for this. Usage is growing […]

What’s New In IPhone SDK For IPhone OS 3.0

There are more than 1,000 new APIs in the iPhone SDK for iPhone OS 3.0, many of which enable iPhone/iPod touch to work with hardware accessories that we’ll be seeing more of in the future. Improvements in the iPhone SDK for iPhone OS 3.0 include: In-App Purchase, which will enable you to sell content and […]

31 Days Learning How to Build iPhone Apps

Apps Amuck is a site devoted to helping you learn how to build iPhone Apps.  Every day there is new sample code for you to download and learn from. Update June 10, 2009: Don’t miss the Digital Media Minute post on the implications of iPhone 3G S for developers. Are you a non-developer with an […]

Quick Thought on No Flash on iPhone

So the iPhone is powerful enough to run Spore & Super Monkey Ball  but not powerful enough to run Flash or Flex applications?  Seems odd to me. As a person who very much appreciates Apple products but who is also professionally very involved with Flash, I am thinking that a lot of developers are really […]

Is Flash on iPhone Coming Soon?

You gotta love the Mac rumor mill!  Gear Live is reporting that Flash on the iPhone is just around the corner and will be available along side Apple’s release of the iPhone SDK near the end of this month. I’m already wondering how the general design approach to a Flex app made specifically for a […]

Mac/PC TV Ad Spoofs

So I just became a full-time Mac user! I have two Apples at home and one at work. I still have a PC, but it gets turned on less than once a month. Even though I have sooooo been drinking Steve Job’s Kool-aid, Laurie McGuinness’ Mac PC Spoofs are really funny. Check them out for […]