Augmented Hyper-Reality

It takes a lot to make us sit up and really be impressed by technology anymore, right? Check out the video below (expand it to full screen) by Keiichi Matsuda for his Master’s project in Architecture. In it he creates the most amazing, immersive representation of Augmented Reality that I’ve yet seen. Look at how […]

Snow Crash Here We Come

Do you want to see something that makes Google Earth look like stone etchings? Check out this talk from Ted2010, of the 3-D functionality in Bing Maps from Bing Maps’ Blaise Aguera y Arcas. This is far, far from using 3-D maps with the intent of simply finding your way around. It is closer than […]

Augmented Reality With Silverlight 4

Here’s a demo from René Schulte over at Kodierer that you can try yourself, of Augmented Reality with Silverlight 4, making use of the built-in webcam API. I think Augmented Reality is going to become one of the serious buzz phrases for the next several years because as much of a paradigm shift as it […]