OMG Text Plugin For Compass

Here’s just a little treat for for web designers: check out the OMG text plugin for Compass, the open-source CSS Authoring Framework. It will enable you to easily add * totally incredible* large text shadows, and at whatever angle you require to convey your adolescent enthusiasm–hence the name OMG… It is hard to know just […]

Groovy++ Vs Java

As good as it is as a programming language, because Groovy is a dynamic language it is slower than statically-typed languages such as Java and Scala. Alex Tkachman, a member of the Groovy core team, estimates that 80% of Groovy code can be made statically typed very easily and sped up by as much as […]

Browser Extension For Comparison Shopping-PriceBlink

Have you seen the PriceBlink extension for Chrome, Firefox and Safari? I really hate to shop, even online, but when there is so much price competition online I feel obliged to spend time searching ad nauseum to at least feel like I’m getting the best deal I can find. When you start shopping and hit […]

Firesheep Redux: Extension Wars

Here’s a follow-up to yesterday’s post on the Firefox extension Firesheep, which offers a very simple way to access user logins for various social networks on an open Wifi network. There’s a huge amount of attention focused on this interesting FF extension, and rightly so. Techcrunch has a pointer to a method of protecting yourself […]

Firesheep: HTTP Session Hijacking For All

So here’s today’s holy-sh^t moment: the new Firesheep extension for Firefox that enables even your 4-year-old nephew to augment his income by blackmailing you after HTTP session hijacking via an open wireless network into your Facebook or Twitter accounts. The extension also identifies cookies from, Basecamp, Foursquare, Gowalla,, Cisco, CNET, Dropbox, Enom, Evernote, […]

Chrome ‘Highlight To Search’ Extension

Here’s another small reason to install Chrome if you haven’t already, and something you’ll probably find useful if you have. This new extension for Chrome lets you do a search on any word on a page simply by highlighting it; no right-click, no copy/paste into a search box. A magnifier icon pops up and if […]

Simulate Slower Connections Speeds

With mobile browsing so popular now, web app developers need to make sure they know how well their apps perform with internet connections that aren’t as fast as the ones many people have at home. Remember too that even in 2010 many people around the world still use dial-up connections or other methods that are […]

Creating Secure AIR Plugins

Christian Cantrell writes a secure plugin architecture for AIR applications, finds it was easier than he thought it might be, then gives us a post on extending AIR apps with plugins, as he transforms his own SearchCentral application into ‘Pluggable SearchCentral’. Adobe is lucky to have employees like Cantrell who possess much more than a […]

Firefox Parental Controls

Controlling or even monitoring what your children see on the Internet was never going to be easy. Not surprisingly there are many Firefox parental controls available in the form of add-ons for the browser to make it easier to keep tabs on where your kids are surfing or to restrict them from visiting sites that […]

Browser API

We have written about upcoming changes to Firefox before, but here’s a fairly big one: the Jetpack browser API, announced today, is Mozilla’s response to developer input as to potential improvements to the current Firefox browser API, specifically the process of creating Firefox extensions. A primary goal with Jetpack is that only basic web development […]

Prevent Dupliate Tabs Extension Updated

I’ve updated my Prevent Dupliate Tabs Firefox extension to allow for whitelisting of URLs that should be prevented from being opened in duplicate tabs.  You can grab latest version here.  Read the instructions about the new UI, checkout the changelog, and take a look at what I have planned next. I created the extension to […]

Flex Builder Annoyance Solution

One thing that has always bugged me about Flex Builder (or more specifically Eclipse) is that when you click the Run/Debug/Build button (or F11/ctrl-11) your project is always opened up in a new browser tab.  It doesn’t take long until you realize that you have 20 tabs open – or at least in my workflow […]

Smart Digg Button for Firefox

Are you a serious user?  The Smart Digg Button Firefox Extenstion is a neat tool that lives in your Firefox status bar notifying you how many Diggs the currently loaded page has.  A simple click takes you to the Digg page where you can give the page your own Digg! For me this overcomes […]

YUI Team Hiring Engineer To Work on Firebug

Yahoo! likes Joe Hewitt’s Firebug extension for Firefox so much that the YUI Team Is Hiring an Engineer To Work on Firebug.  This is great news and hopefully will help Joe make this tool totally kick ass!  This is an example of what happens when you have created such a great product that it sinks […]

Flash Switcher Extension for Firefox

Alessandro Crugnola has created a very useful Flash Switcher extension for Firefox that allows you to easily test their pages with different Flash player versions.  The extension comes with all the currently published Flash player plugins from the version 2 to the most recent and allows you to easily switch from one plugin to another. […]