The Real Reason Why Adobe Wants To Help You Monetize Websites

So in buying Omniture, Adobe is expanding the scope of what its design software will help you do, deciding that to give you/your client the ability to make money easily from what you create with their software is important. Via Bloomberg: Adobe plans to combine its programs that create media and Web sites with Omniture’s […]

Google Website Optimizer Case Study

From Tim Ferriss, here’s an excellent article on using Google Website Optimizer improve your homepage conversions. Once reading this, you will know more about split-testing than 90%+ of the consultants who get paid to do it… OK Tim, you’re on. Using a detailed case study, and including instructions for interpreting the data, this article is […]

Tips For Independent Software Vendors

A designer friend is producing an iPhone app, his first, and he found this wiki on tips for ISVs, derived from The Business of Software Forum on the Joel On Software site. Very detailed and helpful on product promotion, pricing, Google Adwords Q & A, product SEO, product ideas, and lots more. Even if you’re […]

Marketing Help For Developers

Think you’ve got a great idea for an application and the coding chops to realize your vision? Some developers are missing one piece in the puzzle, namely a marketing strategy, or even place to start for marketing help. I’ll bet it keeps some people from pushing forward with an idea they might otherwise attempt. Check […]

Billing Rates

This weekend I got drawn right into a pretty cool little tool for comparing billing rates for a wide variety of tech skills, over at The data is supposedly derived from thousands of consultant profiles. Just type a programming language or skill in and it returns a little chart with hourly rates for low, […]

Effective Project Management for Web Geeks

I am a programmer, developer and designer.  I’ve been doing this for quite a few years now, but until recently I have not had much project management experience.  Now that I am running my own consultancy, acquiring these skills are essential.  Effective Project Management for Web Geeks is a great article that I found useful.  […]

Internet Strategies for New Businesses

Chris Pirillo shares his thoughts on  Internet Strategies for New Businesses. There are some great ideas on how a businesses should use the Internet to engage their customers through the power of conversation. Even if you have no interest in starting an Internet business today I suggest taking a quick look at this article and here’s […]

The Blog is the New Resume

The Blog is the New Resume – I’ve seen a few posts like this one lately, and I couldn’t agree more!  Resumes are usually simple one or two page summaries of your life experience, where a blog shows your ability to communicate, engage and reveal your passion. In fact my last three opportunities have come […]

A Comprehensive Guide to Starting your Freelance Career

Feeling inspired to begin your own freelance career?  Check out this article titled – A Comprehensive Guide to Starting your Freelance Career – that covers a whole range of subjects from branding yourself to suggestions on where to look for work.  The source of this article is Freelance Switch – a site that has become […]

Starting Out in Project Management

Meri Williams has a relatively new blog called Geek|Manager that is full of great information about project management for geeks. One of her first posts – Starting Out in Project Management – is particularly relevant to me as I start my new web consultancy. Project management has always been an area of weakness. It’s not […]

Five Steps to Get Yourself in a Mood to Work

Web Worker Daily is quickly becoming one of my favorite blogs. They post lots of great content that focuses on productivity and getting things done for us web type people. One of their most recent posts – Five Steps to Get Yourself in a Mood to Work – offers some great tips for jump starting […]

The Printable CEO Series

The Printable CEOâ„¢ Series is a series of beautiful forms by David Seah that will help you focus your time more productively and help you manage the day-to-day chore of achieving your goals. Take a peak at these free PDF documents to see if they can help you organize your days, weeks, months, tasks and […]

Refactoring Your Career

How do you stay on top of your game in an industry where the rules are constantly changing? Web Worker Daily offers a great list of suggestions to help you Refactoring Your Career. There are some great suggestions and strategies that may just help you avoid the same fate as the dinosaurs! Especially for anyone […]

Between Jobs – Available for Freelance

For the first time in my working career, I find myself unemployed! I currently have a couple of job offers on the table and have put my name in the hat for an amazing position at an incredible company! So until I figure out which opporunity is going to work out for me, I am […]

Paying Yourself: From Startup and Beyond

Have you just started your own web company? If you have, you are probably wondering how much you should be paying yourself! has a wonderful article that might give you some great ideas on Paying Yourself From Startup and Beyond.