Data Visualization From Google’s Data Arts Team

I don’t know about you but to me cool things don’t necessarily have to have a clear utility, and here’s a great example of what I mean: check out this wild Chrome experiment, a 3-D graph of worldwide Google search volume. This was created by the ‘Google Data Arts Team’… is it just me or […]

Browser Extension For Comparison Shopping-PriceBlink

Have you seen the PriceBlink extension for Chrome, Firefox and Safari? I really hate to shop, even online, but when there is so much price competition online I feel obliged to spend time searching ad nauseum to at least feel like I’m getting the best deal I can find. When you start shopping and hit […]

HTML5 Video Demo

Sometimes the Internet shows you something that defies your tendency to think about things in terms of what’s familiar. I’m not talking about In this case I’m talking about technology and art intersecting in new magic ways that involve you in a personalized experience via HTML5, unique to you. Choreographed windows, real-time compositing, etc., […]

Drag Images Into Gmail With Firefox

Recently it became possible to drag images right into your Gmail message if you were using Chrome, but I just found out today that I could drag an image into an e-mail using Firefox as well. Maybe the rest of the world knows this, but if you haven’t tried it yet it’s a nice little […]

Chrome Extensions For Developers

As fast as Chrome is, the knock against it is still that is inferior to Firefox when it comes to the sheer number of extensions available for it. I don’t know how much longer we will have this reason to stick with Firefox to the exclusion of chrome (mind you plenty of people are running […]

Google I/O Developers Conference Session Videos

Did you know that you can take a look at over 80 sessions from the recent 2009 Google I/O Developers Conference? Topics include the App Engine, Google Wave, Client, AJAX and Data APIs, Mobile, Social, Google Web Toolkit, Enterprise, and Tech Talks. You can download session videos via YouTube (only in the US) and session […]

Chrome Extension Check

The ongoing birth of extensions for Chrome. Obviously plugins are a huge part of Firefox’s popularity and just as clearly it was just a matter of time before we saw the Chrome Extension as well. They aren’t there yet, but you can check early functionality by taking a look at some pretty simple samples here. […]