Google Database Application

It looks like Google is about ready to launch Google Base. In fact the site was up earlier, but was soon taken down. You can find a screenshot on Flickr. The text on the screenshot reads: Post your items on Google. Google Base is Google’s database into which you can add all types of content. […]

MySQL Command Line Client Tips

If you’re interested in getting to know the native MySQL command-line client better, here are ten handy MySQL CLI tips that could save you a lot of time and effort. Here are some of the subjects it covers in this lengthy post: Automating the login process Automatically switch to a database Send commands from a […]

Short Guide To HTML5 Local Databases

Here is a nice guide to HTML5 Local Databases, covering setting up the database, building the table, selecting the data, making updates, etc., as well as the pros and cons of local databases, from Ben Lister.  He has included a nice demo of the sky as well as making the source code available for you […]

Object Oriented Database db4o

If you’re creating a local database but have an amount of data that might be a little too big for XML serialization, take a look at db4o if you aren’t already familiar with it. Here’s a little intro and demo of this open source object-oriented database, which makes it unnecessary for Java and .NET developers […]

The Power of Google Gears

O’Reilly’s site has the first part in a new series documenting The Power of Google Gears. Part one outlines the database portion of the Google Gears API while future tutorials will show you how to use the WorkerPool and LocalServer API’s. This is just another piece of superb tech writing from and O’Reilly, and timely […]

Connecting ColdFusion to SQL Server 2005 Express

Here is a quick guide to connecting ColdFusionto a local instance of Microsoft SQL Server 2005 Express. My first attempt to do this seemingly simple task resulted in an “Error establishing socket. Connection refused: connect” error when trying to create a new data source. The cause of this error is that by default, SQL Server […]

Test Data Generator

Tag this one as cool – Data Generator is a simple, web-based tool (an open source script that’s written in JavaScript, PHP and MySQL) that lets you create large volumes of random, custom data for use in testing software. You can have your data formatted in HTML tables, CSV or SQL statements. They also offer […]

Connecting ColdFusion to SQL Server 2005 Express

UPDATE : Vincent’s site is now by invitation only. I have written my own solution and it can be found here.  I am not certain that I did as good of a job as Vincent did but for a lot of people my article will be the only one that is accessable. Vincent McCurley just […]

Managing MySQL on Mac OS X

Your new Mac makes an excellent web application development system and a great database to power that web app is MySQL. O’Reilly’s MacDevCenter has an article that will help you with Managing MySQL on Mac OS X. Their coverage includeds installing mySQL then getting a GUI based tool to manage your databases– the MySQL administrator […]

SQL Injection Attacks by Example

If you have developed a web application with a database back-end, you should check out this article titled SQL Injection Attacks by Example. It clearly explains what a SQL injection attack is and shows you how defend against such attacks. I thought I knew a bit about SQL injection attacks before I read this authoritative […]

Database-Driven Tree Structures with XML and XSLT

Pascal Opitz from the Content with Style blog has a fantastic tutorial on creating : Database-driven tree structures with XML and XSLT. The technique uses the preordered tree traversal method on the database, then uses PHP to create the XML that is then styled with XSLT.  I know this is going to be of interest […]

SQL Editor for Eclipse

DBEdit is a plugin for the Eclipse Workbench that can be used to explore databases, edit tables directly with a spreadsheet like editor, and edit SQL queries. Dan Switzer recently posted his installation notes that should get you up and running with this nice Eclipse plugin and SQL Server 2000.  I am always on the […]

Free Database of World City Names

United Nations Code for Trade and Transport Locations maintains a huge list of city names for every country in the world with lots of other meta data like geographic coordinates, names without diacritics, subdivision (province, state, etc). You can simply view the data using their search options, or even better download the data in CSV […]

Printing SQL Server Database Schema

I’ve been working with SQL Server 2000 for about 2 months now, and it completely frustrates me that I cannot print table schema from Microsoft’s Enterprise Manager. I’m one of those people who like to have printouts of the table’s I’m working with as it makes it easier for me to generate my SQL statements. […]