Create your Master Feed with Yahoo! Pipes

The ever cleaver Gina Trapani from Lifehacker documents how to Create your master feed with Yahoo! Pipes. What is your master feed? Well is is an aggregation of your feeds from all your social networking sites like Flickr,, or any other site that provides you with an RSS feed of your activities. This is […]


Darren Rowse from ProBlogger offers a list of 7 Ways to Get to the Top of the Popular Page. I must agree with him and can only offer my experience as proof. Last month I posted an article titled Top 12 Ruby on Rails Tutorials that made it to the top of the […]

Searching for a Fresher Taste

Searching for a fresher taste offers brilliant insight on the importance of Yahoo!s recent purchase of and it’s impact on the future of search and social networks.  As a very heavy user of both for this site and in my own web browsing, I got a little bit nervous when I heard that Yahoo […] Firefox Extension

There is now an official firefox extension available directly from the fine people who created the public bookmarking service. The extension provides nice integration of’ features into Firefox.  We have covered many, many valuable extensions for Firefox that enable users to bypass installing applications on their hard drive in order to get certain […] MP3 Player has a very cool new feature that turns any link to an MP3 file within a webpage into an interactive and embedded media player. playtagger gets used by including a simple <script> element onto your webpage, which in turn replaces all anchor elements that point to an MP3 file into a small Flash-based media […]

Digg, Slashdot and Aggregator is an aggregator that compiles a list of the most popular stories/items from, and Aggregators like this are becoming increasingly relevant at a time when trying to keep up with all the outstanding content even from one source such as Slashdot is virtually impossible. This is essentially an automated way of […] Tagrolls

Tagrolls is a new feature added to the popular public bookmarking tool that let’s you place a tag cloud of your bookmarks on your own web site. Set a couple of parameters, copy the JavaScript source code, then paste it into your website. Make no mistake about it: this is much more than […]