Digg, Slashdot and del.icio.us Aggregator

Diggdot.us is an aggregator that compiles a list of the most popular stories/items from digg.com, slashdot.org and del.icio.us. Aggregators like this are becoming increasingly relevant at a time when trying to keep up with all the outstanding content even from one source such as Slashdot is virtually impossible. This is essentially an automated way of […]

How Digg.com Uncovers the News

Digg.com has deservable been getting alot of great press lately. If you’re not familiar with Digg, it is a technology news site much like Slashdot, but with an interesting twist. On Slashdot, people submit stories that get read by Slashdot’s editors. If these editors feel the stories are worthy and relevant, they publish the story. […]