Django Starter Kit

Here’s an excellent 37-item list of Django tips, tutorials and articles bundled all in one place with an emphasis on recent items, over at  Obviously if you are working with Django at all you need to get over to  the article to make sure that you’re completely up to speed with the latest techniques […]

Learn Python and Django

Will Python and Django become the next hot languages for web developers? With Google’s recent App Engine announcement the spotlight is certainly shinning bright on this scripting language and web application framework.   The Atomeo blog has a great post to get you ready for Google Apps Engine by Learning Python and Django. These are exciting times […]

Evaluation – Rails vs Django

Rails vs Django is a nice evaluation of the two most popular web application frameworks. Rails uses the Ruby scripting language while Django uses the Python scripting language. Both are very capable and offer a unique set of features. This evaluation shows you how long it took to write the application and compares the lines […]

The Django Book

If you’re trying to follow all of the new web frameworks out there, The Django Book is a good place to start learning about this new Python framework. The book is published with a GNU document license but will eventually be published by APress. There is currently only one chapter available, but the authors goals […]