Faster Eclipse

If you are frustrated by the speed at which Eclipse runs on your Mac running OS X Snow Leopard, take a look at this very simple way to make Eclipse run faster by simply tweaking your eclipse.ini file. I know I have experienced this Eclipse-in-slow-motion problem and have also read plenty in forums and heard […]

Wallpaper For Eclipse Keyboard Shortcuts

This will be helpful if you are interested in speeding up your Eclipse development: wallpaper displaying Eclipse keyboard shortcuts. Pick 1440×900 or 1680×1050 resolution, for Mac and Linux users. Naturally it’s an old trick to insert cheat sheets and guidelines for just about anything right into your screen wallpaper so that you could be that […]

Creating Eclipse Step Filters When Debugging Java

When debugging, how to make sure that you don’t accidentally examine something other than what you look at, such as the JDK or libraries? You could configure a ‘Step Filter’ in the Eclipse Java debugger: Onkar Joshi explains exactly how to do it in this well-done tutorial. I’ve always been partial on Digital Media Minute to […]

Eclipse For Passing Arguments To Ant

You can pass an argument at run time using the command line; here is a short tutorial/tip from thecrumb on how to do it running the script in Eclipse. Basically this method will enable you to make multiple configurations so you can more easily run your build using various arguments. You can modify the arguments […]

Start Eclipse Faster

Hat-tip to Nate over at, for sharing a hint for getting Eclipse to start faster, using eclipse -initialize when you log in. His startup time went from about a minute to 16 seconds!  Even though a majority of readers of this website probably are not Eclipse users, how much value does a tip like […]

Flex Builder Source Code Formatter Plugin

A colleague recently pointed me towards Flex Formatter – a new (and open source) source code formatter plugin for Flex Builder.  The plugin is very easy to use right out of the box and it comes with two commands, Format Selection and Indent Selection. Both commands are accessed by toolbar items.  The “Indent” command only […]

No More Writing Getters and Setters in Flex

eokyere blog has one of the best Flex productivity tips I have seen in quite a while; if you are a Flex developer trust me, you don’t want to miss this. I build AS3 components all day, and spend way too much time manually typing getter and setter methods.  Using the Dash plugin for Eclipse […]

Eclipse Web Tools Platform Project Reaches Milestone

The Eclipse Web Tools Platform has finally released version 1.0 of it’s great all-around web tools editor. WIth support for technologies like HTML, Javascript, CSS, JSP, SQL, and XML this is a great editor for every web developer to at least check out. You can Download version 1.0 from the site. I’ve been using […]

SQL Editor for Eclipse

DBEdit is a plugin for the Eclipse Workbench that can be used to explore databases, edit tables directly with a spreadsheet like editor, and edit SQL queries. Dan Switzer recently posted his installation notes that should get you up and running with this nice Eclipse plugin and SQL Server 2000.  I am always on the […]