The Universe In Flash

I’m always a sucker for deceptively simple design that conveys loads of information. Along those lines take a look at this gem on the scale of the Universe from Cary and Michael Huang showing the relative sizes of just about every doggone thing in the universe.  And now you won’t be able to view it […]

Stencyl-Learning Tool As Game Creation Tool

Are our tools are getting smarter or are we becoming better tool makers? Take a look at Stencyl, an incredibly simple way to create really engaging Flash video games, and a whole lot more. It’s a free game creation platform with a social element (naturally in 2011!), but I think the coolest thing about it […]

Guide To Porting Flash To Corona SDK

If you are a developer with Flash experience interested in creating iPad and iPhone apps for instance, take a look at this guide to porting Flash to Corona SDK.  It has been very awkward not having flash on these popular Apple devices and not surprisingly many flash developers are downright angry at Apple for refusing […]

Flash On IPhone And IPad-Now

If you just can’t take the lack of Flash on iPhone or your iPad anymore, you’ll be happy to know that the Skyfire app & mobile browser will be available Thursday morning (November 4) for $2.99. Skyfire is actually built over Safari; Skyfire’s servers download, render and translate the video into HTML5 then stream it […]

JavaScript Security With Forge

Take a look at this article in two parts from Digital Bazaar, on Forge, their open source JavaScript Transport Layer Security (TLS) client implementation, that lets you access your home computer using only JavaScript and Flash. Part one is a lucid explanation for laymen as to why this is valuable and part two gets into […]

Android Tablet Running Flash And AIR

Check out the demo of a prototype Android tablet running Flash and AIR applications, being demonstrated the at Web 2.0 Expo. Of course we all want to know what the hardware is, but it’s clearly a proof-of-concept device that Adobe got together, with help from Tegra 2 as it tuns out, to remind everyone that […]

Playing Well With IPad

IPad does not show the blue Lego icon that they formerly used to indicate that Flash is not supported on a given device. This may mean that Apple doesn’t see iPad’s lack of support for Flash as a shortcoming of the device, but instead as deficiency in the site you’re choosing to view on iPad, […]

Flash Vs JavaScript and Canvas

Mojombo (Tom Preston-Werner) rewrote Network Graph in JavaScript and Canvas over the course of about four days, and tells us his thoughts on doing a Flash-to-Canvas conversion. It is by no means a Flash bashing; he calls Flash clearly more refined in some ways. It is just one man’s opinion on where where Canvas/JavaScript is […]

Doodle Online

Check out this interesting Flash app for doodling online, by Mario Klingemann at Quasimondo. I sense that it’s about exploring possibilities in Flash as much as anything. There’s a lot more to it than meets the eye at first, be sure an take it for a test run.  I wonder about the future of Flash […]

Flash vs Apple Mobile Devices (And Their Increasing Market Share)

When I watched the introduction of the iPad the other day, the first time my jaw dropped was when I saw ol’ Steve open up the New York Times site, showing an enormous blue box where flash content might otherwise have been. I thought “I can’t believe Steve Jobs is showing me this in 2010”. […]

Flash Catalyst

Over at United Mindset Jonathan Campos has an excellent write-up on Adobe Flash Catalyst. As a developer he thinks of it as the missing visual editor for Flash Builder, as you can really edit and create within Flash Catalyst, and get the generated code to copy into your Flash Projects. He walks us through creating […]

Getting Flash Apps To IPhone

At Adobe MAX, Adobe is showcasing Flash applications for iPhone/iPod Touch, created with the new Flash Professional CS5. This is not a policy change from Apple though; developers can use the Flash developer tool to convert Flash applications into apps that work on iPhone without having to build iPhone apps. You didn’t think that Adobe […]

Flickr Gallery Flash Component

Here is a nice tutorial on creating custom Flash Components with Actionscript 3.0 and XML, using Flickr image search to show images. This could be a good way to augment your own experience with Flickr or perhaps to create your own custom components. I smell potential for a business here somewhere, how about you? This […]

Intellisense, Custom Components And Flash Builder IDE

Jonathan Campos goes through his favorite set of metadata tags and explains the value of each in putting the ‘finishing touches’ on your custom components.  Here are a few of the metadata tags that Campos recommends and that he covers in some detail in this article: ArrayElementType DefaultProperty Effect Events IconFile Inspectable Style ASDocs This […]

The Flash 8 Transformation Matrix

Flash developers have a lot more control in using and manipulating elements in Flash 8. Now you can directly manipulate bitmaps on the fly within Flash, and also control a movie clip’s transformations via its transform matrix. Here’s a long and lucid explanation of Flash 8’s transformation matrix, the Matrix class in Flash and the […]