Is It Time To Flee Flickr?

So if died possibly for all the wrong and most asinine of reasons, is it possible that other Yahoo! services that we’ve assumed will always be around might in fact be in jeopardy? What about Flickr? It might be a good idea to check out some alternatives to the Yahoo! photo management and sharing […]

Tourist Tracks By Flickr Photoset points us toward an effort by Eric Fischer to use geolocation data from flickr photos to display graphically how much tourists and locals favor different areas of a given city. Different colors are assigned to photos based upon how long photographers have been taking photos of a given city: more than a month and […]

Flickr Gallery Flash Component

Here is a nice tutorial on creating custom Flash Components with Actionscript 3.0 and XML, using Flickr image search to show images. This could be a good way to augment your own experience with Flickr or perhaps to create your own custom components. I smell potential for a business here somewhere, how about you? This […]

Photo Geotagging

Flickr announced that it hit the 100 million mark for geotagged photos way back in February of this year. With the exploding popularity of location-aware devices, and with traffic to its mobile site increasing at more than 50% year-over-year it can’t be a surprise that there’s a new ‘Nearby’ tab on the mobile site, which […]

Link Dump from my Flex Presentation

Last night I gave a presentation to a group of about 40 web developers/designers in Victoria, British Columbia. I promised you all a link dump of the sites I visited so here it is… Samples of Rich Internet Applications developed with Flex: Buzzword Picnik Scrapblog Flex Resources at the Adobe website: Flex Builder Flex 2 […]

Flickr Upload Plugin for Picasa

One of the most popular posts on this blog is my instructions on how to upload to Flickr from Picassa, Google’s excellent image management application.  Looks like my hack is no longer relevant (thank goodness) as a  Flickr upload plugin for Picasa is now available!  This is the usual course of things today isn’t it? […]

Create your Master Feed with Yahoo! Pipes

The ever cleaver Gina Trapani from Lifehacker documents how to Create your master feed with Yahoo! Pipes. What is your master feed? Well is is an aggregation of your feeds from all your social networking sites like Flickr,, or any other site that provides you with an RSS feed of your activities. This is […]

Using Picasa to Upload to Flickr

A year ago I posted my method for uploading images from Picasa to Flickr here on Digital Media Minute. My solution was pretty simple, but if you are looking for a more technical solution for uploading images from Picasa to Flickr, you might want to check out this Python solution fo Using Picasa to upload to […]

A Flickr File System

Flickrfs is a virtual filesystem for Linux that can be mounted on your computer and then be accessed using the standard commands. When you mount the filesystem, it will create 2 directories automatically: ‘tags’ and ‘sets’. ‘sets’ will automatically retrieve your photos (only metadata information, hence fast) and will show you all the photos available […]