OMG Text Plugin For Compass

Here’s just a little treat for for web designers: check out the OMG text plugin for Compass, the open-source CSS Authoring Framework. It will enable you to easily add * totally incredible* large text shadows, and at whatever angle you require to convey your adolescent enthusiasm–hence the name OMG… It is hard to know just […]

List Of Free Fonts

Digital Media Minute is approaching the 3,000 post milestone (not too bad for having been around for about 7 1/2 years) and as our subject matter runs the gamut from programming tips to graphic design to the business of tech, it shouldn’t be a surprise that we’ve done posts on free fonts, license-free fonts, designing […]

Designing Fonts

I ran across this fascinating article by Kris Sowersby, a professional font designer who wrote about his font-design process using the creation of his font Newzalt as an example. Concept doodles through to a general outline of the marketing of the font, including kerning (for all you kerning fans, you know who you are), mastering, […]

25 Best License-Free Fonts

Vitaly Friedman shares a list of the 20 Best License-Free Fonts. He has made a conscious effort here to list fonts that are more for serious, business-related or commercial applications then for whimsical graphic design projects. Friedman has revised this post a few times and made it into a serious authority post that you can […]