Got MooTools Tip?

This is a bit old but Antonio Lupetti over at Woork shares some excellent basic MooTools tips for web designers that will be of help to anyone who needs to learn about the lightweight Web 2.0 JavaScript framework. On the same topic, we did a pointer post to a list of MooTools tips a while […]

.Net Web Frameworks Compared

Chad Myers over at the great website Los Techies has a nice article with basic overviews of several web frameworks for .NET, including ASP.NET, ASP.NET Web Forms, Castle MonoRail, OpenRasta, ASP.NET MVC, FubuMVC, covering good and bad points of each, etc. With all the posts that we do on programming languages and even graphic design […]

C++ Framework

Popular C++ frameworks include Platinum, Reason, Evocosm, ACF and many others, and now there is Cinder, a free, community developed offering from The Barbarian Group. It’s cross-platform, including iPhone/iPad, and was designed with audio, graphics, video, image processing, computational geometry and networking in mind. I always enjoy posting pointers to new tools that are developed […]

Create a PHP Framework

We’ve done posts on PHP frameworks like Zend and Cake before, but here is part one of a two-part article on programming your own PHP framework, by Terry Smith.  You might not be surprised to learn that in the first segment Smith goes over in some detail URL rewriting.  Though he means the tutorial in […]

PHP Frameworks

There’s an excellent overview of PHP frameworks from, that should answer most questions for beginners. The article includes short reviews of five of the top PHP frameworks. Pass this along to a young friend who is just starting to get interested in computer languages like PHP because Noupe as usual explains things in a […]

Learn Python and Django

Will Python and Django become the next hot languages for web developers? With Google’s recent App Engine announcement the spotlight is certainly shinning bright on this scripting language and web application framework.   The Atomeo blog has a great post to get you ready for Google Apps Engine by Learning Python and Django. These are exciting times […]

Evaluation – Rails vs Django

Rails vs Django is a nice evaluation of the two most popular web application frameworks. Rails uses the Ruby scripting language while Django uses the Python scripting language. Both are very capable and offer a unique set of features. This evaluation shows you how long it took to write the application and compares the lines […]

Build a To-do List in Django

If you’re looking to give the Django Python web framework a try, here is a nice 30 minute screencast that will show you how to Build a To-do List.  Hopefully you’re already aware of site point as a source of some of the very best tutorials and other resources on programming languages, frameworks and techniques […]

Symfony PHP5 Web Framework

Seems like web frameworks are all the rage these past few months. Symfony is yet another open-source PHP framework that might be worth checking out. It supports features like: simple templating and helpers cache management multiple environments support deployment management scaffolding smart URLs multilingual and I18N support object model and MVC separation Ajax support One […]

Another PHP Development Framework

Qcodo is a new open-source PHP 5 framework that focuses on freeing developers from unnecessary tedious, mundane coding. The group offers two screencasts that combined last 45 minutes and will give you a pretty good idea about what this framework offers developers: Getting Started with Qcodo Extending Your Application I really enjoy taking a look […]