Is This The Beginning Of The End For Phone Batteries?

As exciting as advances in battery technology have been lately–not least because of the efforts of Elon Musk, his Powerwall, and the Gigafactory in Nevada–a new glass created by MIT spinoff Ubiquitous Energy promises (threatens?) to turn current power-storage paradigms of their head. The key here is the special organic coating of that absorbs light […]

Four Ways Of Recycling Electronic Scrap For Money

For a lot of people cash is getting harder to come by nowadays. Chances are you have a few items that you wouldn’t mind converting into money or gift cards, stuff you aren’t using anyway. But where to go? And, maybe it sounds like a lot of trouble to haul everything across town to trade […]

LED Contact Lenses

The technology that will enable heads-up displays, or HUDs, to be embedded in contact lenses is progressing rapidly. That’s not to say that laws that will enable you to wear them are right around the corner. Still, less than two years after he conducted successful tests on rabbits fitted with contacts powered by radio waves, […]

Augmented Reality

This breathtaking video speaks for itself. Technology like this literally changes the world for blind people. As shown in the demo, paper money, which the United States is all the same size, a device like this could be instrumental in empowering blind people to be more independent. It’s called SeeScan, currently in development under NIH […]

Cellular Wireless Router

Novatel MiFi 2200 Cellular Wireless Router Being unconnected is becoming less and less of an option for everyone now, not just road warriors. Unfortunately the experience is still usually enabled by cellular modems: cumbersome, power-hungry, and generally for a single user, and isn’t Starbucks tech support a pleasure if everything isn’t working properly? But now […]

The Future Of Newspapers: Kindle

This will be just one of a blizzard of posts about the Kindle DX, available for pre-order today; naturally enough Digital Media Minute is pleased to add to the snowstorm. Disclaimer: I haven’t seen it in action except for the slick video on the Amazon site, but hardly any other commenter has either, and in […]