Tips On Git

Jettro Coenradie took good notes on Tom Preston-Werner’s talk at the GOTO conference on Mastering Git Basics and he has a nice article detailing some of the tricks he learned.  So how about this idea for a website: for everyone that attends programmer events, meet ups and lectures on any scale, anywhere in the world, […]

Understanding Git With Gitk Tutorial

Joshua Flanagan at Los Techies has a really excellent 2-part tutorial to look at if you want to understand git, starting you at the beginning with creating a branch and making commits in this article. Part two is on understanding merge and rebase with gitk. We are doing more and more articles on Git because […]

Git For Beginners

A concise, strict definition of something often has a clarity that is aesthetically pleasing, and textbooks often stick to semantics when they try to explain something. Eventually knowledge of all the pieces comes together in our minds as a picture of the whole. For complex subjects though, such as a version control system, a metaphor/analogy […]

git log And Ruby To Analyse Your Git Log

Tobin Harris shares a nice short script he wrote combining the git log command with some ruby that enables you to analyze the git logs of your projects.  I like little coding tips like this that don’t shy away from exploring more subtle nuts and bolts of web development, making use of tools such as […]

Git Server-Windows

In this long, detailed tutorial on setting up a Git server, Alexander Groß shows you how to host a complete Git server on Windows using Cygwin and Gitolite. Gitolite is a rewrite of Gitosis based on Perl, but with more configuration options. This is really a virtuoso performance of a tutorial and I hope that Alexander Groß […]

Git and PowerShell

There has been a sort of informal collaboration between Mark Embling, Keith Dahlby and Jeremy Skinner, dubbed ‘posh-Git’, toward using Git from inside PowerShell. Now further improvements like tab completion and prompt enhancement have been made to it, and a Google Group and a Github repository have also been set up.  My list of articles […]

Git vs Subversion

Far be it from me to wade into any Subversion vs Git debate, but from the have-your-Git-and-eat-it-too department, here’s a nice little tip from Neil Middleton about using Git as a subversion client via git-svn. I suppose we can expect this debate to evolve over the coming years, as the intricacies of the technologies associated […]

Git-Clone Remote Branch

In order to take a copy of his code on vacation with him, Ryan Rampersad needed a way to do so without resorting to just copying his source code. In this short article he shows us exactly how to clone remote branches using Git, specifically git clone . He shows us first how to clone […]

Git Lessons Learned

Here’s a concise account by Adam Esterline about using Git in a team environment, just a process overview that could be viewed as a short tutorial as well.  There’s a lot to be said for process overviews like this because let’s face it in a production environment organization and overall management of a team effort […]

Subversion Vs. Git

Over at Carsonified, Git evangelist Scott Chacon gives us his reasons why you should make the switch to Git if you are presently using Subversion, touching on branching and merging, Heroku, staging areas, and even beer. Well, beer applies to almost everything if you look at it correctly, no? I think I pointed to a […]