Chatting Off The Record Within Gmail

We can assume– well in fact we know–that everything in our Gmail accounts is crawled, so that we may have the most contextually relevant ads popping up within Gmail and possibly for other reasons. While you can manually turn off your web search history when you are logged into Gmail as well as disable search […]

How To Secure Your Gmail Login

Though Google estimates it will take as much as 15 minutes to set up their new, advanced sign-in security features, once you do you’ll greatly increase the security of your Gmail and all your other Google accounts. Signing in becomes a two-step verification process, though there is an option to be remembered on your computer […]

Drag Images Into Gmail With Firefox

Recently it became possible to drag images right into your Gmail message if you were using Chrome, but I just found out today that I could drag an image into an e-mail using Firefox as well. Maybe the rest of the world knows this, but if you haven’t tried it yet it’s a nice little […]

Gmail Shortcut

OK, assuming you have a Gmail account and are using Firefox, check out a cool tip for getting to Gmail from a browser window, without having to hit a button or bookmark: just enter ‘g’ into the URL field. That’s it. You’ll regale them with this tip at this weekend’s parties. OK that was pretty […]

Gmail for your Domain

Gmail for your domain is a new service that Google is requesting beta testers for.  The beta test will let you give Gmail, Google’s webmail service, to every user at your domain.  The service comes complete with a 2GB storage limit which is odd as my personal GMail account currently has a 2.6GB limit (and […]

Google Calendar?

Google Blogoscoped is reporting that a new Google subdomain – is now active and maybe an indication that Google is about to release a web-based calendar application. Hopefully Google will do to online calendaring what gmail has done for web-based mail.  If Gmail is any indication they probably will. I have been wondering if […]

GMail Increases Storage to 2GB!

On the eve of their 1st birthday, GMail Increases Mailbox Storage to 2GB!. When you login, look at your limits – they are twice what they were earlier today!  Okay I may be revealing my status as an old-timer but when I think about what two GB meant 10 or 15 years ago,  this is […]

Half of Gmail Switchers from Hotmail

Results of a recent study show that Half of Gmail Switchers come from Hotmail. The study was presented by Return Path who provide services for those who change email addresses. As popular as Hotmail is as an e-mail service it is probably not a big surprise that people switching to Gmail are coming from it, […]

GMail Invites

OK – this is crazy! I have 50 GMail invites but ony 2 friends. So if you want an invite, leave a comment here and be sure to leave me an email address where I can send your invite. I’ve made this offer before on this site and normally I had takers pretty quickly, but […]

A GMail Present

It’s Christmas day and I have 10 Gmail invites to hand out (ho ho ho). In the spirit of Santa Claus, tell me what you would give me in exchange for an invite. You don’t have to actually give me what you promise, I’m just interested in what you would give for an invite. The […]

Gmail Tip – Create Distribution Lists

Would you like to create distribution lists in GMail? Creating a Pseudo Address Group! is a nice quick tutorial that will show you how! You were getting used to the rapidly expanding functionality provided by Google in their outstanding free e-mail service, then they come up with this. This feature will actually will displace other […]

Remove Text Ads from GMail

Do you find the text ads in GMail to be annoying? If you do, you can use Firefox to hide the ads from displaying. This trick uses CSS and the Firefox configuration file named userContent.css . Before we start modifying our userContent.css file, I would recommend that you install an extension named ChromeEdit that simplifies […]

GMail Drive

GMail Drive is a Windows shell extension that creates a virtual filesystem around your Google GMail account. It enables you to save and retrieve files stored on your GMail account directly from inside Windows Explorer!  I say Microsoft deserves credit for going ahead and integrating a feature into Windows Explorer that acknowledges and makes use […]

Gmail Announces New Features

Gmail, Google’s popular e-mail service has just added 4 new features: Gmail Notifier (officially supported) Powerful Contacts Searching Automatic forwarding to another email account Save as Draft The last two features are nice additions. With forwarding, you can set up a filter to forward only selected emails to a different e-mail account.  Gmail has built […]

Gmail Invites – Round 2

A colleague of mine has eight Gmail invites to hand out. Leave a comment with your e-mail address if you want one. The first eight get invites to what looks to become possibly the preferred email platform of the future, just another public service brought to you by Digital Media Minute! By the way it’s […]