Retouching Photographs With Photoshop

Everyone seems to be spending more time taking and sharing digital photos than ever before. I thought it would be nice to point you to this very comprehensive two-part set of tips for retouching photographs using Photoshop, from Smashing Magazine. Bet you don’t know ’em all. Part 1/ Part 2.  There’s been a lot of talk […]

Gorgeous Free Icon Sets

We haven’t done a pointer to quality icon sets in a long time, and Smashing Magazine has a great new collection, so here goes: free icons designated for both private or commercial use, such as payment and E-Commerce icons, flag icons, artistic, social media, and gorgeous planet icons, etc. Icon collections aren’t just for graphic […]

Easy Tool, Easy Grid

Here’s a nice tool for web designers: Gridulator makes it very fast and easy to create pixel grids and save them as PNG files. Just enter your overall width and the number of columns, then column width and gutter width are calculated automatically, plus there is a preview button. I can see this coming in […]

Internet Graphic Design

What outlets did graphic design creativity go before the internet, aside from magazines and fliers stapled on telephone poles? OK that’s an exaggeration, but I do love the richness of the graphics to be found everywhere the net, and here’s just another great example: Crispian Jago put together this chart of the history of science […]

Free High Resolution Textures

Digital Media Minute hasn’t done a lot of graphic design pointers lately, and we really should do more, so here is a nice list of free high resolution textures for your next project. And for all you graphic designers out there I would love to know your opinion: is Digital Media Minute doing enough posts […]

Content-Aware Fill In CS5

Adobe Creative Suite 5 will be released on April 12th, and it finally includes Photoshop for Mac as a 64-bit application. I would love to know from readers of Digital Media Minute what your favorite functionality enhancements contained in the new Photoshop are. I have not actually taken it for a test run yet but check […]

Graphic Design Philosophy Class

I would point web designers, aspiring and otherwise, to the BBC Internet blog and its fascinating overview of the BBC website redesign. It is an object a lesson in what we can accomplish with high ambitions (and admittedly deep pockets), and it’s interesting to see an organization of this scale sharing the collective thought process […]

The Real Reason Why Adobe Wants To Help You Monetize Websites

So in buying Omniture, Adobe is expanding the scope of what its design software will help you do, deciding that to give you/your client the ability to make money easily from what you create with their software is important. Via Bloomberg: Adobe plans to combine its programs that create media and Web sites with Omniture’s […]

On Design And Development Roles In Projects

The roles of functionality and aesthetics are probably different for every single project, website, or application. Some projects require little more than an easily understood interface that draws the user naturally into its functionality (think Google or Craigslist). Others succeed only when style is given as much or more thought than what the project, website, […]

Making a Good Favicon

Jonathan Snook has a great post on Making a Good Favicon. Favicons are those small icons that appear in your browsers address bar, tab bar and next to bookmarked web pages. While a few years ago these little visual touches might have been seen as an extraneous bit of frivolity, nowadays a site without them […]

How to Improve Your Logo

iBrandStudio has a very nice collection of articles on ways to improve your Logo, and if you are a graphic designer you owe to yourself to get over there and bookmark this collection because a few of the posts are really quite authoritative and informative. Even as a design layman I had a good time […]

Web Designer’s Guide to Print Design

I work with a colleague who has an excellent background in print design, so I’m very lucky to have a great resource sitting in the same room. However, if you’re a web designer with little print experience and not lucky enough to have access to a print designer, you should check out Mark Boulton’s excellent […]

Backup Windows Data to MiniDV

Have you ever felt that personal tape backup was priced out of your reach? Firestreamer-DV is a program that lets you turn your existing MiniDV Camcorder into a tape backup device for your Windows data! A miniDV tape will hold anywhere from 11GB to 56GB depending on the length of the tape you purchase. That’s […]

General Web Development Advent Calendar

Another advent calendar worth reading is 24 ways. Again, what we have here is a post every day from December 1 to December 24 except this calendar post features totally awesome general web development tutorials. Hey, even if you think this delivery method is just a little bit of a gimmick I’m all for getting […]

Why Do We Love Rounded Corners?

Richard Ziade has posted a good article that looks at Why We Love Rounded Corners?. He has some great theories, but my favorite comes from the comments… As children we discover sharp corners hurt, so we quickly learn to avoid them and develop a preference for smoother, rounder corners. There might be something to that, […]