Digital Media Minute Vs Google–Who Won?

As painful as it was for me to see after putting so much time into this site, I’ll admit it has also been morbidly interesting to watch the death of traffic to in the last 3 1/2 years. You can see the basic idea in the screenshot, but suffice it to say that site […]

Onesheet-Simple Social Media Aggregator For Bands

With Onesheet, Brenden Mulligan aims to create a way for bands to set up a web presence in under a minute. I think he succeeds spectacularly. Create a single-page site, connect it to third-party services you have for your band (ReverbNation, Soundcloud, YouTube, etc.), and it automatically reflects all future updates to those services. The […]

Is The Best Recycling Site On The Internet?

Everyone has stuff they need to recycle or simply dispose of from time to time, but I never seem to know exactly where to take the items that I want to discard because it can be hard to find one organization that takes everything. Here’s a site to bookmark if you have a similar problem: […]

The Universe In Flash

I’m always a sucker for deceptively simple design that conveys loads of information. Along those lines take a look at this gem on the scale of the Universe from Cary and Michael Huang showing the relative sizes of just about every doggone thing in the universe.  And now you won’t be able to view it […]

Three Reasons Why The Web Isn’t Dying

I enjoy micro-niche websites which have taken as their mission to present some corner of life that would previously gone unexposed or forgotten. Sites like these are the counter-argument to the contention that the web will be totally replaced by ‘walled gardens’ like Facebook, which incidentally lost 6 million users last month (May 2011). Awesome […]

Fear Not-Other People’s Stuff Doesn’t Always Work Either

Wow what a great idea for a new site: If a corollary to the idea that technology has completely redefined and improved our lives is that it doesn’t always perform as you hope it will (in my humble experience especially when you really, really need it to work!). A website devoted to nothing but […]

Writing Without Distractions With PenZen

Here at Digital Media Minute we are all about simple, free productivity tools that really work. We’ve done posts before on websites that help you clear your screen so that you can write without distractions (like Writeroom), but I don’t know if I’ve ever seen a site as simple as PenZen. Some might find the […]

Get Your Stolen Camera Back With Stolen Camera Finder

If your camera gets stolen, Stolen camera finder can help you find it. Simply go to the site and drag a photo that you took with the camera onto the page. The site will attempt to find your missing camera by looking for photos on the internet taken with the same camera and matching the […]

All That You Can’t Leave Behind: The Website

From the yes-there-is-a- website-for-everything department, take a look at Everyday Carry. Who would’ve imagined that a site showcasing nothing more than what people carry around with them could be so oddly engaging? If you are skeptical, head over and check it out and prepared to freely indulge your voyeuristic tendencies. By the looks of things, […]

Is Hellofax The Simplest Online Fax Service?

You may have used online fax services before to send a document when a fax machine was unavailable, but I’ll bet there has never been a simpler way to send digital documents as faxes than Enter fax number, upload document, and there is a sign-it function if you need it. An email and password […]

Javascript Library-Isotope

Talk about form and function in symbiosis– take a look at the Isotope Javascript library a ‘jQuery plugin for magical layouts’, by David DeSandro at Metafizzy. I don’t think I’m overstating it at all if I called this website a visual extravaganza–do yourself a favor and check it out. It’s always good to take a […]

Google Art Project

I spent a fun hour this morning taking a look at the Google Art Project, which features virtual tours of 17 of the world’s finest museums as well as incredibly high resolution photographs of hundreds of works of art. As you’d expect navigation around museums is via the familiar Google maps zoom and spin functionality. […]

Learning Git

Wow what an engaging format to learn Git, or a lot of other things for that matter. Here’s what amounts to a detailed git tutorial broken up into 53 separate labs, where you experience the version control system via hands-on modules. Use it to learn Git by all means, but take note of the minimalist […]

Information Beautifully

Are you familiar with You really should be. It’s one of those sites I’ve got in my RSS feed that reliably has gorgeous, thought-provoking content that would’ve been worthy of being published in a hardback book decades ago, but which is today given away for free instead via the Net. Actually you see a […]

Net Neutrality Explained Simply

What is net neutrality? Why should I care? Michael Ciarlo has created a gorgeous, simple, inspired website that a kid could understand, about net neutrality, a term badly in need of re-branding by the way. Keeping the current pricing model regarding Internet usage–one charge for unlimited access–is so important to innovation, universal access and for […]