Groovy++ Vs Java

As good as it is as a programming language, because Groovy is a dynamic language it is slower than statically-typed languages such as Java and Scala. Alex Tkachman, a member of the Groovy core team, estimates that 80% of Groovy code can be made statically typed very easily and sped up by as much as […]

Groovy Tutorial For Beginners

Here’s a lucid, fairly lengthy tutorial on Groovy, covering basic Groovy constructs with emphasis on comparisons with Java. The author admits that he won’t be getting too deeply into Groovy, that he is trying to give a more broad overview for people who are just starting to get familiar with Groovy code.  It covers topics […]

Groovy-Annotation Closures

After experimenting with Groovy’s AST Browser and noticing that Groovy’s grammar allows closures as annotation values, “pniederw” coded an AST transformation that allows you to pass closures as annotation values. Check out how to empower annotations with Groovy closures. If you are a programmer who is no stranger to Groovy you’ll find this AST transformation procedure […]

Groovy’s GPars Library, For Concurrent Programming

There’s a nice article over at on the latest about Groovy’s GPars library from its project lead, as well as overviews of some of its features like the Asynchronizer class, Actors, and the concurrent collection processor Parallelizer. I notice we’ve been doing a lot more articles on the intricacies of Groovy lately, but that […]

Best 8 Groovy Tutorial List

Groovy is a dynamic programming language for the JVM that combines Java’s enterprise capabilities with productivity features like closures, builders, dynamic typing and meta-programming. It can either be interpreted or compiled and you can add new methods to classes dynamically at run time, with greater flexibility than standard Java offers. There seems to be an […]