Character Entity Reference

A nice HTML & XHTML Character Entities reference is available at It’s a pretty good go-to reference for web developers, I have to say. The site is the official site for HTML Visual Quickstart Guide and offers many other HTML related references. As nice as this reference is I’ve been thinking about a better […]

Firebug Tips

Veera Sundar has a nice list of five ways that you can use firebug to edit HTML and CSS. It is amazing how easy firebug makes it to visually modify a page layout… Most developers I know make use of this incredibly useful Firefox extension but in the event that you are unaware of this […]

HTML Slideshow Generator

Dave Raggett has authored HTML Slidy, a cross-browser XHTML slideshow creator that runs like Powerpoint.  Wow, this is really slick and potentially fills a real need for people who for whatever reason don’t have PowerPoint and don’t particularly want to get it. Just click on the window to advance to the next slide. Each presentation […]

Faster HTML With Zen Coding

Have you heard about Zen Coding? Take a look at this and be the hit at the next cocktail party you attend, or at least at the water cooler at work. It’s a new toolbox, created by Sergey Chikuyonok, that developers can use to speed up their HTML and CSS coding. Mainly comprised of an […]

Making Your Own Adium Message Style

A (sort of) Quick Introduction to making your own Adium Message Style is a tutorial I am going to put on my todo list!  Adium is my favorite IM client for OSX and I just found out that you can customize and create your own themes using nothing but HTML and CSS (and a sprinkle […]

Rediscovering the Button Element

Kevin Hale from Particletree reminds us about Rediscovering the Button Element. I have to admit that I rarely use the button element, but after reading his article I think I’ll start to use it more. One perceived advantage is that it allows you to create buttons that render exactly the same across all platforms. Hey […]

Firebug 1.0 Public Beta

Joe Hewitt has just released a Public Beta of Firebug 1.0. Firebug is a kick-ass tool that every web developer/designer must have in his or her toolbox. If you have used Firebug in the past you will absolutely love some of the new features like JavaScript profiling, live HTML and CSS editing, and CSS metrics […]

Toolbar XHTML Validation

Validaty is a Firefox extenstion from Henrik Gemal that provides one-click HTML validation from your toolbar. If validation succeeds, the toolbar button turns green, if bad, it turns red and gives you the option to view the validation report. This is the second one-click tool that we’ve reported on this week on this website: lets […]

How to Open Popup Windows

Jehiah Czebotar has written a nice article that illustrates a best practice for opening popups windows.  He offers a solution that is degradable and semantically correct.  As he states in the beginning of the article he’s not only referring to methods to avoid pop-up blockers; this tutorial is more about writing clean code and keeping […]

Alternatives to innerHTML

Did you know that innerHTML is not part of any DOM standard?  InnerHTML is an DOM extenstion that MS introduced back in the days of IE4, and has since been supported by most major browsers.  The problem is that as it is not part of the DOM standard, there is no guarantee that it will […]

Google Web Authoring Statistics

Over the last few years there have been many studies on the popularity of authoring techniques such as what HTML ids and classes are most common. The most recent study was done by Google. Their study on Web Authoring Statistics is quite interesting and shows many statistics for authoring behaviour in the following groups… Pages […]

Upload Multiple Files with a Single File Element

You can upload multiple files with a single file element using some DOM scripting and CSS by following this very simple tutorial. The result is a very usable file upload interface! As an aside, I found it rather amusing that the author of the article found it necessary to insert a clear disclaimer that the […]

Standards-Based WYSIWYG HTML Editor

The Man in Blue presents widgEditor, which is a standards compliant HTML editor that can be embedded in any web application that you create. It replaces existing textareas with an improved editing pane using JavaScript. If you don’t have JavaScript it degrades gracefully and appears to work well across browsers and platforms. I would suggest […]

Custom Checkbox for HTML Forms

This is a nice example of how to create custom checkboxes for HTML forms. The method uses JavaScript and degrades nicely if the browser has JS support turned off.  If you recognize similarities between this idea and AOL’s WebMail,  is no coincidence. In WebMail, instead of checking standard checkboxes one selects e-mail messages themselves. By […]

Html Validator for Firefox and Mozilla

A new Firefox extension that I find myself using each and every day is the Html Validator for Firefox. The extension adds HTML validation based on HTML Tidy to the Firefox web browser. The number of errors of a HTML page is seen in the form of an icon in the status bar when browsing […]