Maqetta-WYSIWYG HTML5 User Interface Creation

Open source initiative Maqetta gives designers WYSIWYG drag/drop assembly of live HTML5 UI mockups for desktop and mobile right in the browser, and aims to make the job of developers who then work with these mockups easier. Very interesting. I always enjoy exploring these mockup technologies because with all the contractor-client relationships that exist nowadays across […]

WebGL Demos

Here’s what amounts to a bunch of incredible demos of WebGL, which gives you hardware-accelerated 3D graphics right in your browser via the HTML5 canvas element. Chrome is the first of the most-used browsers to support WebGL, but it will be supported in IE9 and Firefox 4.0. You’ll need the just-released version of Chrome-version 9- […]

Update My Browser: Yet Another Reason Why

I like to feature examples of cool things made with new tech, as with the Wilderness Downtown video that we pointed Digital Media Media readers to a while ago, that was as much as anything an amazing HTML5 video demo. Check out this wacky site/web app called Rumpetroll, created with HTML5 Canvas, WebSockets, CSS and […]

HTML5 Video Project

To my surprise, not everyone enjoyed the Wilderness Downtown video that we posted about a few weeks ago, which is look at what you can do with HTML5 video, and a whole lot more. I think most of the reservations were grounded in aesthetics; who knew that geeks were so discriminating? I still think it’s […]

HTML5 Table

In case you haven’t seen this effort by Josh Duck to create a table of the 104 element in the HTML5 working draft at the moment, organized as like the periodic table, go check it out. Very easy on the eyes. Creating these enormous charts in HTML 5 has become something that many programmers are […]

HTML5 Video Demo

Sometimes the Internet shows you something that defies your tendency to think about things in terms of what’s familiar. I’m not talking about In this case I’m talking about technology and art intersecting in new magic ways that involve you in a personalized experience via HTML5, unique to you. Choreographed windows, real-time compositing, etc., […]

Short Guide To HTML5 Local Databases

Here is a nice guide to HTML5 Local Databases, covering setting up the database, building the table, selecting the data, making updates, etc., as well as the pros and cons of local databases, from Ben Lister.  He has included a nice demo of the sky as well as making the source code available for you […]

HTML5 Canvas For Music Notation

Mohit Muthanna shares his efforts in creating a JavaScript API for reproducing musical notation right in a browser using the HTML5 Canvas element. Beautifully done. We are now seeing lots of galleries and other examples of what can be done with HTML5 and so far you have to be impressed with  the efforts of people […]

Molecule Modeler As 3D Art

I love stuff like this. A Gorgeous HTML5 site for modeling molecules in 3D. You can visualize sample molecules in ‘simple’, ‘crystals’, ‘carbon’, and ‘bio’ categories and you can import your own. It even has an ‘export molecule’ button, but I’ve still got ’em under the couch from the last time I did that. It […]

HTML5 Video Fun

Sean Christmann has been playing around with HTML5 video and canvas tags, specifically getting creative with the Canvas.drawImage() api call. Exploding video and 3D video–very cool!  I realize that in the last few months we’ve done quite a few posts on some of the HTML 5 brilliance that is popping up all over the web […]

HTML5 Video Element Usage Considerations

Since Internet Explorer and older browsers don’t understand the HTML5 <video> element, developers have to serve viewers a Flash file version as well. And then there’s the .OGG format needed by FireFox. Bottom line, for now you will have to create three versions of your video if you want to make use of HTML5 for […]

Flash Vs JavaScript and Canvas

Mojombo (Tom Preston-Werner) rewrote Network Graph in JavaScript and Canvas over the course of about four days, and tells us his thoughts on doing a Flash-to-Canvas conversion. It is by no means a Flash bashing; he calls Flash clearly more refined in some ways. It is just one man’s opinion on where where Canvas/JavaScript is […]

HTML5 Explained

Mark Pilgrim’s Dive Into HTML5 sets as its task to “elaborate on a hand-picked selection of features from the HTML5 specification”, and it is to be published by O’Reilly. Four chapters out of eleven are available at this link; he’s soliciting feedback and there is plenty here to review. The look is really accessible with […]

HTML 5 Cheat Sheet

Here’s a very nice HTML 5 Visual Cheat Sheet by Antonio Lupetti over at Woork. IMO well conceived, quite readable and visually appealing, though you wouldn’t guess that from the comments! Man sometimes you can’t make people happy even by giving them something…  I have pointed this to a lot of programming cheat sheets over […]