For Java Developers-Intro To iOS And Objective-C

From the Codecentric blog here is a short intro tutorial on iOS and Objective-C, meant for Java developers, covering protocols, properties, methods and messaging as well as memory management. Let’s not kid ourselves: you’ve most likely been planning to learn iOS at some point. If you are a Java developer I would recommend at least […]

Search Through JAR Files With Jarscan

Cody Burleson has a nice little tip on jarscan, a tool that enables you to find Java classes or packages in Jar files. Burleson has been using it for years and says that most Java developers that he knows aren’t even aware of it yet. Once you find where exactly a class and JAR file […]

Groovy++ Vs Java

As good as it is as a programming language, because Groovy is a dynamic language it is slower than statically-typed languages such as Java and Scala. Alex Tkachman, a member of the Groovy core team, estimates that 80% of Groovy code can be made statically typed very easily and sped up by as much as […]

Grails List-What’s So Great About Grails?

When a client asked Deepak Mittal for reasons why Grails was the way to go on a web app project, Deepak had so many reasons (20) that he took it upon himself to list them in this great article. For the sake of fairness he ends with a few things about which he’s less than […]

Java Steganography

Steganography differs from cryptography in that the latter is concerned with transforming data to conceal the information contained by it, while steganography is about hiding messages inside other information. If this piques your interest, take a look at this outstanding tutorial on Steganography in Java. I know my wife hides things in plain sight from […]

James Gosling Interview

He’s enthusiastic, he’s not mincing words, he’s James Gosling ‘Father’ of Java (hey who was Mom?) and there’s enough good stuff in this interview at BasementCoders that you should give it a read/listen (podcast also available). –So what excites you right now? What’s out there right now that you look at and say, that’s some […]

Instantiations GWT Designer Released As Free Tool

Java developers everywhere are excited that Google has announced it’s going to release Instantiations GWT Designer as a free tool, bundling GWT Designer, CodePro AnalytiX, WindowBuilder Pro, WindowTester Pro into the Google Plugin for Eclipse. Google is becoming more aggressive about accommodating developers and programmers by providing them with many free tools and resources to […]

Distributed Caching With Hazelcast

Brian Du Preez shares his enthusiasm for the open source project Hazelcast which, among other things allows for easy distributed caching, locking, and queuing functionality. Java Virtual Machines that run Hazelcast dynamically cluster, and though it uses multicast for discovery, if you would rather have it use TCP/IP when you can’t or don’t want to use […]

Understanding Java Annotations

You know that annotations in Java provide data regarding a program that isn’t actually part of the program itself. You might use annotations every day, but I bet this article by Jeff Warren will fill some gaps in your knowledge on the subject. The article was inspired by happened when Warren was giving a talk […]

Creating Eclipse Step Filters When Debugging Java

When debugging, how to make sure that you don’t accidentally examine something other than what you look at, such as the JDK or libraries? You could configure a ‘Step Filter’ in the Eclipse Java debugger: Onkar Joshi explains exactly how to do it in this well-done tutorial. I’ve always been partial on Digital Media Minute to […]

Optimizing Python With Jython

Being interpreted and dynamic, Python is generally not as fast as compiled languages. Here is a technique for optimizing Python by way of Jython, including reasons why you’d want to use Java to implement some parts of your Python program and exactly how to write an extension in Java. Has anybody else heard of Jython before? […]

Spring Roo Introduction

If you have been looking for an intro to Spring Roo, here’s an excellent one from Willie Wheeler. Spring Roo is a rapid application development tool that lets Java developers build full Java applications very quickly. Can you live without another rapid application development tool? Yeah you can, but just because you have tried MyEclipse, […]

.Net Vs Java

Finally, the platform wars have come to Hollywood-this is epic… Pick a side, grab some popcorn and follow along.  With all the artificially-created conflict that is delivered to us every day through spectator sports and video games why shouldn’t this entertaining little production surrounding a real-world virtual conflict that is played out every day in […]

Automated Facebook Pages

From, here’s a way to automate posting of content to your Facebook page to easily create daily events or posting updates as to whatever is relevant to you or your business each month, using the Facebook Java API. Website owners, especially of the business variety, are realizing that in addition to websites, their online […]

Processing Excel Tables In Java

Here is a very nice utility for processing Excel tables in Java with an annotation-based approach: the yava Excel stripper.  all that you will require to give this functionality a test run is Excel file, the yava-excel-stripper library, and the Apache POI library of your choice. This tutorial has plenty of code snippets to illustrate, and […]