Looking for a Business Name?

Starting up a new media firm? Need digital media company name suggestions? Looking for a company name and a catchy tagline to suit branding for just about any business at all? New Media Company Generator will display a random company name and tagline for you! As more and more people catch the entrepreneurial bug and […]

Apple Building Mothership-City Council To Approve

People who are irritated by Steve Jobs for one reason or another might want to skip this post, but I found his presentation to the Cupertino city council regarding Apple’s plans for a new campus to be fascinating. He starts with a story of how he called Bill Hewlett one day when he was 13 […]

IOS 5 Features Leaked?

OK forgive the linkbait title, but since it apparently got you here I’ll make it worth your while, because this is funny. This video will have more impact if I say nothing to introduce it, but if you are looking for a chuckle on your Sunday take a look at Simon Pierro’s iPad, sporting some […]

Your One-Stop Digital Guide To The Rapture

Hey listen, there’s not a whole have a lot of time left before this whole Rapture thing, so let me point you to a very helpful guide that NPR has put out covering online sources of information on it. You’ll find worthwhile links to-for example-a group of atheists who will take care of your pet […]

Inception Explained

Generally I like to do “just for fun” posts on the weekends, but this is just too funny and inspired to wait: a synopsis of the movie “Inception” using only finder in OS X. (Clearly somebody is using up valuable time that might be better spent playing Farmville) If you haven’t seen the film, it […]

Contact List April Fool’s Joke

April Fools’ Day has come and gone sadly, but I thought it was still worth sharing this iPhone-facilitated April Fool’s prank from Boing-Boing because of the potentially useful year-round applications it contains. That’s right, hint, hint: there is no end to the cranks you could construct with this basic idea. Be careful though because you […]

Chatroulette Proposal

This is just for fun–we’ve written about Chatroulette before but that was in the days when people weren’t yet using it as an outlet for marriage proposals by way of elaborate performance art. Take a few minutes and see if you aren’t chuckling by the end of this–hilarious. I don’t know if people will be […]

Digital Gifts From FLOWmarket

The holidays are over, but brainstorming gifts digital and otherwise for friends and family who have everything is an ongoing challenge. These inspired products from FLOWmarket offers you ‘next generation luxury’ in the form of plain white cans containing Freedom, Happiness From Within, Letting Go, Patience, and assorted other qualities no doubt valued by that […]

Zeitgeist 2010

Wow: fire up the Instapaper if your New Year’s revelry has rendered you incapable of reading this right now. Switched.com has compiled a totally arbitrary eclectic beautiful list of some of the most excellent tech writing of 2010, that absolutely rocks. Voices that you know and maybe some you don’t sketch out the digital zeitgeist […]

Bruce Sterling On Assange’s ‘Planetary Hack’

As much of a sci-fi extravaganza as the Wikileaks saga is (as much for the unprecedented novelty of it as the tech aspects of it) reading an inspired rumination on the whole saga from Bruce Sterling is worth your time. Or at least I can recommend it because seemed worth my time. He (Assange) is […]

Programming Quotes To Expand Your Mind

It’s Tuesday, and that means it must be time for the best list of succinct programming meta-commentary-aka ‘quotes’– that I’ve seen in a while. Nearly all programming languages mentioned are disparaged equally, so proceed without fear. Chew on a few of these: “Good design adds value faster than it adds cost.” – Thomas C. Gale […]

Linux Radio Online

OK, if you don’t think this is funny you’re just wrong: Someone with lots of free time and a passion for Linux that just won’t quit has taken it upon themselves to create online Linux radio station Linux Radio, which broadcasts the Linux Kernel in the sexy text to speech synthesiser eSpeak. When mere news […]

Daily Digital Mindblower

The wildest thing I’ve seen all week: this admittedly has little to do with digital media (aside from the fact that it is an embedded YouTube video!) but I can’t resist posting it anyway. I kept looking for a watermark or some sign in this video that the device was a joke, but it’s real, […]

A World Of Tweets, Visualized

Just for fun, check out this very cool visualization of all the world’s tweets at A World Of Tweets from Frog Design. The technology behind it is a combination of HTML5, cloud computing and the Twitter streaming API. Since the project started on Nov. 1, 2010, Indonesia has a firm grip on second place in […]

Earning From Micro-Niche Sites (Hint: Crazy Works)

I love the endless commercial possibilities of the Internet. One could wake up one morning and start a company named Google, or even a site called HorribleLogos.com. Give ’em something that takes you five minutes to make and the business plan begins to look strangely viable. Just five bucks, and high resolution now available for […]