Linux Running In A Browser?

Hey check out this PC/Linux emulator written Javascript, showing Linux running in Chrome 11 and on Firefox 4 on Windows, Linux, and Mac. Yes, that would be Linux running in a browser.  I always appreciate people who are ambitious and audacious enough to try to hack something like this; naturally it helps to expand all […]

Easy Auto-Install All The Software You Need

Getting a new PC is great but oh the tedium of installing all the web browsers, messaging and media apps, utilities, developer tools, imaging and document software as well as security software, file sharing, etc., required by today’s modern computer user. Well, ever heard of Ninite? Simply click the apps you want from each of […]

Linux At 20

20 years of Linux–here’s a video created by the Linux Foundation to mark the occasion which tells the story pretty well, and it will probably also be valuable for passing on to any of your non-geek friends and relatives who seem bewildered by your passion for Linux. I will bet that 20 years ago if […]

Linux Radio Online

OK, if you don’t think this is funny you’re just wrong: Someone with lots of free time and a passion for Linux that just won’t quit has taken it upon themselves to create online Linux radio station Linux Radio, which broadcasts the Linux Kernel in the sexy text to speech synthesiser eSpeak. When mere news […]

Basic Linux Tips

I’ll admit it: I’m always a sucker for a long list of handy tips, and today I’ll share this list of 40 elementary Linux tips from Raju Khanal. Actually if you read through this list and really internalize it it will be a great introduction to Linux unto itself. There are a lot of keyboard […]

Best Netbook OS

Okay, it’s an open question as to whether Jolicloud, the Linux/Ubuntu distro is the best OS for a netbook out there, but Dale Dougherty makes a pretty good case for it in the article at the link. Conceived as a “internet operating system” and flavored by the Prism project from Mozilla Labs, with Jolicloud websites can […]

Mainstream Linux

Interesting article at Cnet by Matt Asay on the difficulty in bringing Linux to the non-technical masses— the ongoing dilemma is that adoption of a mainstream Linux by people without technical backgrounds would likely be unacceptable for Linux purists. Asay’s opinion is that eliminating some degree of choice in favor of increased ease of use, […]

PTN – Parallels Technology Network

I just now noticed that Parallels for OSX now has a Directory of Virtual Appliances that offers over 50 open source operating systems with specific features. For example there is an AMP Web Developer Suite that contains PHP/PERL/Python, MySQL and PostgreSQL all installed, configured, and ready to use. I have never understood why companies like […]

Why doesn’t Linux need defragmenting?

Why doesn’t Linux need defragmenting? is one of the better explanations of the inner workings of the Windows and Linux filesystems. It is a quick but interesting read, where the author challenges himself to give a non-technical, relatively simple answer to the question as to why certain filesystems are afflicted with fragmentation more than others […]

Rails Live CD

Here is a great way to get started with Ruby on Rails Developement. The Rails Live CD is a live Linux distribution (based on Mandrake) that includes everything you need to get started with Rails. Lots of people have been clamoring for a solution like this relative to Linux, and it’s good to see that […]

Six Things You Didn’t Know About Linux

Six Things You Didn’t Know About Linux is a great beginners guide to using the open source Linux operating systems. It answers questions ranging from which distribution you should choose, what desktop to pick, and how to play multimedia files. When I see articles featuring Linux in general interest magazines or websites I really begin […]

Fedora Core 5 Released

Earlier this week, RedHat announced the release of their latest Linux distribution – Fedora Core 5. Some new features include updated versions of the GNOME and KDE desktops, native MONO support, and the latest versions of Apache and Open Office. I was not previously aware of this wiki for so easily accessing new Linux news […]

KDE 4 to Support Apple Dashboard Widgets

It looks like the next version of the KDE Linux desktop shell will fully Support Apple Dashboard Widgets.  This will largely happen because of Apple’s use and development of KHTML which is the foundation for KDE’s Konquerer web browser.  This is really a smart move by the folks at KDE Linux because as far as I […]

Windows to Linux Migration Software

Progression Desktop promises to help you migrate from Windows to Linux with their easy to use software. The application allows you to transfer files and settings from Windows desktops to Linux desktops in an automated fashion. Settings can be exported an imported from many applications including Microsoft Outlook, Microsoft Outlook Express, Mozilla or Thunderbird to […]

Holiday Project #1 – Linux PVR

Well I’ve got a well earned 10 days off coming up and after I paint my boy’s playroom, I’m gonna give this how-to a try. MythTV w/PVR-150 Setup on Ubuntu Linux Breezy Badger (5.10) will show you how to create a PVR using nothing but open-source software (an an old PC with a tv-tuner card)! […]