MSDN Library Now a Free Download

Link updated for 2016: Microsoft has just made the MSDN Library a free download! If you do any Windows development, MSDN library is a very useful tool to have. But wait – you say the MSDN library is already available online? Yes it is, but the search isn’t always very useful, and the web based […]

Microsoft’s Patent For Internet Wiretapping

There was a big pop in Microsoft’s stock at the close today which some people attributed to the rumor that Steve Ballmer might be on his way out at Microsoft. Another explanation is that the company was granted a patent for a technology they have developed that functions as a wiretap for internet-enabled communications such […]

Microsoft Office 365

Here’s a very nice infographic on Microsoft Office 365, which is Microsoft’s effort to combine Office with cloud-based Exchange, Lync and Sharepoint that works on various platforms. I suppose anyone who’s ever click the Google Documents tab within Gmail could have seen this coming for a while now. It may sound cynical but does anyone […]

Microsoft Will Save You

I find this Microsoft ad fascinating. Have I got this right? “We will save you from devices whose features are so compelling that if you’re not careful you’ll become so distracted that you miss out on life.” They will make a device with fewer features I guess, more like a traditional phone, and ‘save us’ […]

Evolution Of Computers: The Big Differentiation

We have hard evidence now that so much of computer industry will be going away. Michael Dell and Steve Ballmer can’t just ‘make cool tablets’ because the integration that Apple has with apps and the app store is key. Android is the only competition. You formerly had to buy (into) so much complexity to do […]

Microsoft Innovation: Street Slide

There’s no other way to say it: when it come to street-level navigation, Microsoft’s Street Slide is a vast improvement over Google Maps. Microsoft needs to release this to the public pronto, period. Am I the only one who feels like clicking up and down the street with Google Maps in the ‘street view’ perspective […]

Windows Phone 7

Microsoft isn’t done yet. Windows Phone 7 shows us that there are still new approaches to an OS for mobile devices that aren’t taking cues directly from iPhone. Check out the idea of navigating via horizontally scrolling built-in hubs to access People, Pictures, Games, Music + Video, Marketplace, and Office.  now that most people are […]

GUI by Microsoft-Breathtaking

Microsoft’s head of research and strategy Craig Mundie is doing the “Microsoft College Tour ’09”, and here he shows what I would call a must-see demo of a user interface being developed by Microsoft that accepts input from voice and pen, but also can interpret gestures and even eye-tracking. This video shows how eye tracking […]

Windows 7: Microsoft Needs A Turning Point

Call me a contrarian, but in a week in which Microsoft reported significantly shrinking quarterly revenues, I thought it might be worthwhile to find a few articles that are optimistic about the prospects of Windows 7. It’s hard to overstate just how vital it is for Microsoft to have Windows 7 adoption be enthusiastic, or […]

Bing And The Unthinkable

Can it be that the Redmond juggernaut has pulled off the unthinkable? Have you taken a look at Bing? When was the last time you heard the words ‘impressive’ or ‘innovative’ in the same sentence with the word ‘Microsoft’? News about tech innovation seems to be all about companies like Google and Apple, to the […]

PHP On Azure

Microsoft will be supporting PHP on Azure, their web application platform. Ted Dziuba is not impressed and has no problem saying so. Agree or disagree with him, but damn this guy is funny. …it’s not fair to say that the world would be better off without PHP, but its community could certainly use less encouragement, […]

SQL 2005 Schema

If you are not completely clear on how the behavior of schemas changed in SQL Server 2005, or the implications of the separation of ownership from schemas, here’s a quick, concise summation on the subject from MSDN Library that should clear things up. Note that in this usage we are referring to database Schemas, not […]

The Amazing World Wide Telescope

The World Wide Telescope is a project from Microsoft Research that made Robert Scoble cry, is now being featured on the latest round of TED Talks. This product looks truly amazing and will probably change the way we see our little spot in the universe. I can’t wait to give this a try with my […]

What Essential Windows Software Do You Recommend?

So I’ve started a new job today (will blog about that later) and my new employer has just sent me a brand new Windows laptop, and that means immediately getting to the task of loading it up with necessary developer tools so that I can get up to speed with the new hardware but also […]

Microhoo and Silverlight Penetration

One of the knocks I have heard against Silverlight has been around how long will it take Microsoft to obtain the same penetration as the Flash Player and if not how long, how will they do it? If Microsoft is able to acquire Yahoo!, it certainly puts them in a much better position to quickly […]