Dave Navarro’s Generous, Mysterious Offer

Here is a pretty amazing, potentially free offer that has some intrigue surrounding it as well. Dave Navarro is an Internet marketing guy who in my opinion always delivered a lot more value than most do on basically teaching you to translate whatever expertise you might have into products you can sell online, should you […]

Need A QR Code Maker For Your Business?

Whether you call them 2D barcodes, 2D codes or QR codes, they have been popping up in the most interesting places, such as billboards, business cards, even on T-shirts and Facebook pages. In 20 years we may look back and laugh at them, but I think there might be some value in using these 2-D […]

How Artists Can Quit Their Day Jobs-Value Translation Technology

I don’t know if these are the last days of publishers as intermediaries, but has it ever been easier to extract the means to fund your own creativity directly from other people who simply appreciate it? Ryan Carson enthusiastically explains what the interesting convergence of crowdfunding via sites like Kickstarter with real-time video sites like […]

How To Make A Landing Page

I had a debate with a marketing friend once, asking if getting creative with a landing page design might result in better conversions. His opinion was that your time is much better spent on improving your copy or split testing, etc., and that you shouldn’t reinvent the method. At any rate, you might eventually find […]

Amazon Sells Out WikiLeaks

Looks like Amazon.com is gunning for a place in the dictionary under the term “cheeky bastards”.  I I thought this was a rumor created by The Onion, but it’s not: days after Amazon kicked WikiLeaks off its cloud they step right up and offer for sale the inter-embassy cables that WikiLeaks released for free! Straight […]

Here Comes Digital Banking

We did a post a while ago on BankSimple, the soon-to-be-live online digital bank that’s promising a totally new way of banking, with better customer service, greater emphasis on mobile banking and fewer fees. I think there’s a huge market for a different way of doing things in retail banking-how about you? BankSimple’s launch comes […]

Scaling And Node

Thoughts from Alex Payne on choosing the right technology for the initial release of BankSimple; general reflections on ‘scaling in the small to scaling in the large’ and reasons why the Node framework might not be the right choice for the project. Payne’s opinion should carry a lot of weight with programmers as he had […]

Great Guide To Split Tests: It’s Free!

Check this comprehensive guide to split testing from Smashing Magazine, how it works, how to create a split test for your site(s), dos and don’ts and additional resources. I found the case studies very interesting: what are the two ‘magic words’ that will increase your conversions? I have felt for a long time that A/B […]

How Far Will $137 Take You?

Now this is very cool. You’ve decided that you need a vacation so badly that you’re going to crack open your piggy bank. By the time you count all the nickles and pennies you have $137.31. How far can you go on that? Before you head over to the nearest freeway onramp and stick out […]

Digital Banks-A Better Way?

Banking is an area of online commerce that too often uses the Internet to clothe the same old inefficiency and customer disservice. I get all the bells and whistles, along with disappointments like paying five dollars a month for accounts with no activity, and no notification in the form of an IM or e-mail that […]