Free Mac FTP Server

PureFTPd is a very nice replacement for the somewhat limited FTP server for Mac that comes with OSX. It is a free (BSD), secure, production-quality and standard-conformant FTP server. It focuses on efficiency and ease of use and has unique useful features for personal users as well as hosting providers. A binary installer is available […]

Hiding Icons On OS X Desktop With Terminal

Do you need a way to hide all the icons on your desktop before you make that screencast, or for another reason? It’s easier than you think, and this little tech tip I am going to share will make your presentation much cleaner with fewer onscreen distractions. Simply go to the applications folder in your […]

OSX Tip: Open Two Instances Of An Application At Once

There are times when it might be convenient in OS X to open two application instances at the same time, and here’s an article that tells you both the steps to do it with a command in Terminal as well as the right way to do it with Automator. This actually is surprisingly easy to […]

Mac File Association Tip

If you’d like to control the default application used for opening a file in Mac OS X, here’s your Mac file association tip of the day. Just hit command-i or right click on a file to open its “info” window. Head down to the “open with” heading and you’ll be able to select the application […]

Overlapping Windows Cure

Check out Divvy, which will help you organize your desktop by creating custom panels to keep your windows from overlapping. You can set panel sizes to whatever you’d like and control everything with hot keys. With all you’ve got going on nowadays this is very handy. $14 for the full version, OSX only.   Granted […]

How To Use Macfuse

MacFUSE allows you to extend Mac OS X’s file handling capabilities. It’s basically an interface that lets the OS see almost anything as a filesystem, and it has a lot of potential uses. The variety is such that I thought a post on how to use Macfuse by way of some existing examples would have […]

Turn Mac Function Keys into “Real” Function Keys

I’ve been doing my Flex development on both a Mac and Windows PC lately and one thing that has really been bothering me is the extra “Fn” key that I have to press to Run a project from within Flex Builder. Enter FunctionFlip – a slick PreferencePane app for OSX that lets you customize the […]

Desktop 2 Login

Desktop 2 Login is a nice little utility that matches the Leopard Login Screen background image to whatever the current user’s Desktop picture is. This eliminates the visual transition from the login background to the user’s background (which is usually set to that ugly star field/time warp background).  okay so this little tip is probably […]

PTN – Parallels Technology Network

I just now noticed that Parallels for OSX now has a Directory of Virtual Appliances that offers over 50 open source operating systems with specific features. For example there is an AMP Web Developer Suite that contains PHP/PERL/Python, MySQL and PostgreSQL all installed, configured, and ready to use. I have never understood why companies like […]

libpng and libjpg Installer for OSX

If you’ve ever had to install PHP from source on Mac OSX, two of the dependencies you’ve likely come across are libpng and libjpg.  Ethan Tira-Thompson has created a universal binary installer for both of these libraries to make them easier to install. You could also grab these from Darwin Ports or Fink, but the […]

Pimp your Leopard Dock

Alright – forget my terminal hack for removing the glass dock!  Apple has apparently made the Dock completely skinnable! Pimp My Dock is a freeware application that will let you create your own dock style by importing graphical elements that you create in your favorite image editing application. If you are graphically challenged,  you might want […]

Kill Leopard’s Glass Dock

I’ve never really liked the look of the glass 3-D dock in OSX Leopard. However, I really like the look of the Dock if you pin it to the left or right of your screen. I prefer my Dock at the bottom of my screen so I have been stuck with the glass dock. Until […]

Add spacers to the Leopard Dock

If you like to have an organized Dock in OSX, here is a quick hack that will let you organize the applications that live on your dock by placing spacers between them. Here we go… 1. Open Terminal and type (or copy and paste) : defaults write persistent-apps -array-add ‘{“tile-type”=”spacer-tile”;}’ 2. While still in […]

Copy to Clipboard Shell Command

Here is a neat OSX Terminal tip. You can pipe command line output to the system clipboard by using the pbcopy command. To see it in use, open Terminal then type: ls -al | pbcopy Then open your favorite text editor and press command-v. The output from the command you typed is now pasted into […]

OmniGraffle HTML Wireframe Palette

Michael Angeles has created a fantastic OmniGraffle HTML Wireframe Palette that will take your wireframe diagrams to the next level.  OmniGraffle is a Mac OSX only diagramming tool that can be used for creating diagrams of floor plans, database schema, network topologies and much, much more.  This is a very slick and useful tool and […]