Building Facebook

Here’s a fascinating video and slideshow of a presentation given by Facebook’s Director of Engineering, Aditya Agarwal talking about Facebook architecture and how LAMP (PHP, MySQL), Memcache, Thrift and Scribe hold it all together. Exceptionally clear and detailed. As big a part as Facebook is now playing in everybody’s life and as big of an […]

PHP Magic Methods

Magic methods (__construct(), __destruct(), __get(), __set(), __isset(), etc. ) give you tools to create flexible application frameworks in PHP by giving your PHP objects qualities had by objects in other object oriented languages. Here’s an excellent tutorial over at net.tutsplus showing how to use each magic method. Net.tutsplus always offers such excellent resources on their […]

PHP strtotime() Function Explanation

Here’s a nice little explanation of Smart Date Parsing in PHP and the strtotime() function, as it might apply to Natural Language Input used by  This technology is very exciting as it seems to meet the user more than half way by taking requests to perform a task not through the keyboard but simply […]

An Extensible PHP Caching Library

Justin Leider created the Extensible PHP Caching Library with the intent of enabling easy customizing of static keys/column names to suit your requirements and also to switch from one data store to the next. Specifying the key as an associative array and then switching from one data store to another is very simple, all you […]

(Something Like) Traits For PHP

As PHP is without multiple inheritance, it would benefit from a feature like traits, which would give you a way of duplicating functionality in independent classes. You probably won’t be seeing traits in any PHP release anytime soon, but here’s a guide from Steve Hollis on adding ‘trait-like functionality’ to PHP. Man what could be […]

CouchDB For PHP Tutorial

A relational database could be more than you need for some projects. Thomas Myer has a great tutorial on using Apache CouchDB if you are a PHP developer, for those times when MySQL might not be exactly what you want for a task i.e. when it might be overkill for the scope of the task […]

$10,000 for a PHP rockstar

In a recent tweet StumbleUpon founder Garrett Camp offered a $10,000 finder’s fee for a PHP architect rockstar. You know who you are. You will find a description of the position here. I don’t suppose there’s time for me to somehow quickly become a PHP architect rockstar and then submit myself for the position in […]

Making Your Own Website Uptime Monitor

Digital Media Minute recently did a very well-received list post evaluating seven website uptime monitoring services; here’s a nice tutorial from on creating a website uptime monitor script using PHP, which will also send you an email or sms if it’s down. Just about everyone with a website can use this. Considering all of […]

Code Visualization Tool For PHP and Java

nWire is an Eclipse plugin for PHP and Java that provides a visual representation of your code, helping you understand the architecture of your applications and component associations. Whether you are a student or just on the lookout for tools that can make your professional life easier, it might be worth getting the free trial […]

Create a PHP Framework

We’ve done posts on PHP frameworks like Zend and Cake before, but here is part one of a two-part article on programming your own PHP framework, by Terry Smith.  You might not be surprised to learn that in the first segment Smith goes over in some detail URL rewriting.  Though he means the tutorial in […]

PHP Frameworks

There’s an excellent overview of PHP frameworks from, that should answer most questions for beginners. The article includes short reviews of five of the top PHP frameworks. Pass this along to a young friend who is just starting to get interested in computer languages like PHP because Noupe as usual explains things in a […]

PHP To JavaScript

PHP.JS, is an open source effort porting PHP functions to JavaScript. Including the PHP.JS library in your projects enables you to utilize your favorite PHP functions client-side. What a terrific resource this is especially if you have competence in either PHP or JavaScript but not both of them. There are dozens and dozens of functions […]

Debugger For PHP

Digital Media Minute has a popular screencast on debugging JavaScript with Firebug, the popular Firefox plugin. Now there is FirePHP, a debugger for PHP which extends Firebug with an API for PHP web app developers. Six Revisions has a nice overview of the functionality. The jury is out on whether it compares favorably to xdebug […]

PHP Security Checker

We did a post on ten security checks for PHP, and pointed to a PHP security guide as well. On a more recent, related note, you might want to take a look at regarding researchers from MIT, Stanford and Syracuse having developed “Ardilla”, which analyzes PHP code for XSS (Cross-Site Scripting) and SQL injection […]

PHP Charts

Digital Media Minute did a post years back (did I mention we are coming up on our sixth birthday?) on generating Flash/PHP charts . Here’s a list of some of the better places on the net that will help you build PHP charts. pChart is a free PHP class-oriented framework for creating good-looking aliased charts, […]