Voice Activated Typing Software

I have never been a very fast typist (or a fascist type for that matter), in fact I operate a keyboard in a fashion that might be called “touchhunting”. Lately if I’m writing something that runs more than 300 or 400 words I feel my shoulders and neck tighten up and I get more headaches […]

Free Online File Converter

Mark this in the very cool utilities category – MediaConverter is a web based tool that will convert files from one format to another. The lists of files it can handle is impressive: MP3 WMV 3GP AMR FLV SWF AMV MOV WMA AVI MPG MP4 DivX MPEG4 iPOD PSP OGG WMA AAC MP4 MPC MMF […]

Easy Reminders With FollowUpThen

I use Google calendars for recurring reminders but it takes a couple of minutes to set up. What if you want a free, quick way to get a reminder in your inbox without even having to sign up or register for anything? Followupthen will do it for you, simply by sending an email to them […]

Twitter Plus Evernote-It Is Time

I haven’t found an information management tool that works as well for me as Evernote does, and I’m using it more and more these days. I linked one of my Twitter accounts to my Evernote account a few days ago so that I can very easily send interesting tweets directly to it. It only took […]

How To Run Windows Applications On A Mac Without Installing Windows

For what I do on my iMac I very rarely have a need for programs that don’t have a Mac version or for which I can find a solution with similar functionality (MacSpeech Dictate voice activated typing software was a great example of the latter). Recently however I wanted to use a piece of software […]

Instapaper Review

We all read to one degree or another, and if we are of a certain age we might even read more than we formerly did because of the time we spend on the Web. Still, I find it difficult to combine 12 open browser windows with the sort of sustained concentration that is necessary to […]

Automating Your OSX Terminal Environment

If you use the same terminal setup every time you start work in OSX, you might be interested in the short lesson Joey over at LosTechies put together on how to start up your terminal environment with just one command.  This is a great little tip that will shorten your workflow incrementally, possibly every single […]

Speech Recognition Software Options

Digital Media Minute has done several detailed review posts on voice activated typing software, since I bought my MacSpeech Dictate software last year (still very happy with it). Mobile devices make alternate data entry methods more relevant as time goes on, and for a lot more than just voice typing. If you have an Android, […]

Voice Recognition Software On The Go

Recently I purchased the Macspeech Dictate voice recognition software. As happy as I have been with it, I downloaded a free iPhone app this week that has me just about as excited as the Dictate software did when I first started using it. The Dragon Dictation app from Nuance will give you voice-to-text translation that […]

Quiet The Page, Part 2

Trying for a little clarity despite your busy onscreen environment, there on a Sunday morning? Yesterday we showed a way to quiet the page to enhance webpage readability, making reading easier by clearing ads and ambient clutter, via a bookmarklet. On the same theme of getting things done via fewer distractions, here is Ommwriter, a […]

Voice Recognition Typing

In this short series on voice-activated typing software, I started by going over my initial thoughts on whether or not I needed it, as well as my hesitation because of the price. I also had serious doubts about voice-recognition typing because “keyboard recognition typing” had worked for me for 20 years, albeit uncomfortably. As someone […]

Voice Typing Software

I’ve been using MacSpeech Dictate for a week now and I have two things to report that I didn’t know when I did my initial review of this voice activated typing software. On about day three I was sitting while holding the headset that is included with the Dictate software as I spoke into it. […]

Sublime Text Editor

Have you seen Sublime Text? A Windows text editor for code, html and prose, with among other things, an interesting ‘Minimap’ feature that gives you a zoomed-out macro view of what you’re doing. There’s syntax highlighting for a long list of programming languages, multi-pane viewing etc. Free evaluation; $59 for a license seems high but […]

Internet Distraction

If you have found yourself in the grip of endless net distraction, take a look at this rather elegant little productivity hack from Alex over at al3x.net. It wouldn’t take long to implement, and there’s still time to do it before they give your cubicle to someone else… Does anyone else find it ironic that […]

Online Graph Paper

With all of our tech tools today, there are still a few whose utility has not been superseded by digital aids. What’s better than a fresh sheet of graph paper to help inspire you to create mankind’s next big breakthrough, whether or not you’ve found funding? Online graph paper has the advantage of not having […]