Silverlight Behaviors Tutorial

Behaviors are reusable chunks of code that give us the ability to make interface elements interactive. From Pravinkumar Dabade at dotnetcurry here’s a good explanation of behaviors in Silverlight 4, including a demo of the ‘MouseDragElementBehavior’ behavior.  The Silverlight development platform is one of the cornerstones of Microsoft’s software strategy moving forward and if you […]

How Do Write A Desktop App That Auto-updates?

Auto-updating your web applications is pretty straighforward, but upgrading a desktop app is considerably more involved. Over at Los Techies, Louis Salin walks us through a process for creating a simple desktop app that updates itself. Hey, we are not all moving immediately and simultaneously to web applications after all, so you can’t say that […]

Python Programming For Fun

Chris Myers has a nice selection of short intermediate-level Python programs and tutorials for Python programmers interested in enhancing their skills in the language, and having a better understanding of recursion and object-oriented programming. We have done quite a few pointer posts to Python resources and tutorials for beginners especially over the years here at […]

Automating Your OSX Terminal Environment

If you use the same terminal setup every time you start work in OSX, you might be interested in the short lesson Joey over at LosTechies put together on how to start up your terminal environment with just one command.  This is a great little tip that will shorten your workflow incrementally, possibly every single […]

Porting An IPhone App To Ipad

Digital Media Minute has done a lot of posts on iPad lately, but this pointer should be relevant to any iPhone developers who intend to get their iPhone applications on to iPad but haven’t yet gotten around to it. Check out this superb tutorial with plenty of screenshots and coding snippets, on porting an iPhone […]

Programming For IPad: Early Lessons Learned

Enter the iPad programming tips: Thomas Fuchs created this gorgeous and simple iPad app for looking up time zones, called everytimezone. It worked well on the SDK iPad Simulator, but when he finally got his iPad he found the application to be very sluggish, so he optimized it. Here he shares some lessons learned from […]

IDE Interface, Improved

From Andrew Bragdon, et al. of Brown University comes Code Bubbles, an attempt to redefine the IDE interface. Interesting re-think: …a novel user interface metaphor for code understanding and maintanence based on collections of lightweight, editable fragments called bubbles, which form concurrently visible working sets. Without the file-based aspect of traditional IDEs, Code Bubbles functions […]

Django Starter Kit

Here’s an excellent 37-item list of Django tips, tutorials and articles bundled all in one place with an emphasis on recent items, over at  Obviously if you are working with Django at all you need to get over to  the article to make sure that you’re completely up to speed with the latest techniques […]

Best Programming Language To Learn In 2010

With a new year upon us, it’s a time to examine the big questions: what is the best place to buy lottery tickets? Should I buy a puppy? But seriously, the sands of tech are changing rapidly so everyone should be looking to expand their repertoire, as in ‘what programming language should I learn next?’ […]

Free Programming-Related Ebooks

Here’s a very nice, long list of free downloads of pdf-format ebooks related to programming. The bigger the web gets, the nicer it is to beat the clutter by having concise lists.  And as time goes on it seems like there are more and more really high-quality PDF programming books available at no cost. I […]

Sublime Text Editor

Have you seen Sublime Text? A Windows text editor for code, html and prose, with among other things, an interesting ‘Minimap’ feature that gives you a zoomed-out macro view of what you’re doing. There’s syntax highlighting for a long list of programming languages, multi-pane viewing etc. Free evaluation; $59 for a license seems high but […]

Duct-Tape Programmers

Here’s a good read from Joel Spolsky, on what he calls ‘duct-tape programmers’. The post is actually a review of the book Coders at Work, by Peter Seibel, but Spolsky’s enthusiasm is infectious and spot-on. The inspiration in this case is Jamie Zawinski, who was at Netscape in the early days, and the point here is […]

Ruby Programming Tutorial

Ruby on Rails continues to be very popular, and for someone getting started a good Ruby programming tutorial might be the difference between spinning one’s wheels and understanding Ruby quickly. Digital Media Minute did a well-received post on Ruby on Rails Tutorials a while ago, and as RoR has evolved to become quite complex over […]

Vim For Windows

Excellent overview of ways to make the powerful Vim text editor more friendly for developers. One suggestion is that, instead of running Vim in a terminal window, you might want to run it in a graphical shell, ie the GUI version of Vim for Windows and Linux, GVim. This Vim article is from, which […]

Learn Python and Django

Will Python and Django become the next hot languages for web developers? With Google’s recent App Engine announcement the spotlight is certainly shinning bright on this scripting language and web application framework.   The Atomeo blog has a great post to get you ready for Google Apps Engine by Learning Python and Django. These are exciting times […]